Prove me Guilty

Excerpted from Jay Z's Guilty until Proven Innocent:

I get it down, get it krunk when I get in the state of mind
that what's mine is mine, nobody get to take
I don't bend, break, fold, scratch, go down
My mental rolodex see these words? I just don't know
I know stress, drama, fuckers upsettin my mama
Arrested, put in the lineup, tryin to put dents in my armor
But I'm a survivor, plus I'm liver than most
Out on bail, fifty thou', still ridin with toast
I ain't tryin to collide with folk,
but I don't want folk takin me for a joke
I guess you fuckers just woke - good morning!

I'm not the snitch I don't go to the cops to get rich
I go with the glock and click.
I go with you hard; I ain't gon' stop for shit
Look in my eyes dog, right in my pupils
If I'm your rival, why would I have to do you?
People try to throw dirt on my name, disturbin my game
Seemed happy when they heard he was arraigned, glad he's indicted
Cocksuckers you never see me boxed in
Y'all know it, I'm a fighter
Plus I'm claustrophobic, back on the streets before you know it
And my word fuckers, I heard you fuckers
I'm gonna address each and every one of you cocksuckers

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