Multi Racial Ma

"We owe our security, we owe our stability, we owe our economic success to our multiracial society and to the fact that our different races are able to live together and build our society together. This is actually our core value."

And so mused the National Development minister. Apart from the scorn and accusations of ineffectiveness a lot of people throw at him, perhaps he has done one better this time round. This whole issue of "multi racialism" is so overrated.

Mee pok dry is good; multi racial food servers, chefs and coffeeshop workers. Coffee is up ten cents when a 2% increase over previous GST would be 2% of 60 cents: 1.2 cents. Got to be multi racialism and diversity and what not "gotong royong" mish mash we're subjected to. Your MRT runs on time; multiracial drivers and station staff made it happen. Your SBS buses stink to the core; multi racial cleaners, drivers and passengers help to induce the pain. If multi racialism is such a standard attribute of the success of this nation, what about the failures? Don't all us blokes multi racially contribute to fuckin things up in the little ways we can and are subject to each and every day?

Putting it in perspective, these are the dudes who are responsible for each of what he said.

Security: Cops, SAF and the unnamed James Bond types who we still do not know where they operate from.

Stability: SAF and its score of kick ass weapons and operators, good governance and policy.

Economic Success: Good govermental policies and investment arms.

What all this 3 have to do with the fact that we're a kaleidoscope of Indians, Malays, Chinese and Others? No idea except to perpetuate the old adage. Still, the one who coined the term has to be the most brilliant of them all. Reminds me of how the oldies rant and rave about the merits of their caste. "He's so rich ah? Cos he's Chettiar la that's why", "Oh, that boy was quite brave, I think he's Thevar". Balls to you understand?


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