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For heaven's sake. Don't they put disclaimers on beach chairs anymore?
The "Balls may get stuck" kind.


Power Volley

It was a simple volleyball tournament. The different factions [Red, Blue, Green, Yellow] of the institute I was in would square off round robin style and then the victors will gain points accordingly to see who was the "sportiest" faction for that work year. Simple concept? Not so simple when you view the management of the institute proper that had an imbalance of a certain "coloured" people.

So, the first game got underway. Yellow and Green went at it. Everyone loves to hate Green so it was not too painful to watch them lose though we actually have more Green friends than Yellow friends [make that 0 Yellow friends].

Then, it was Blue Vs. Red. Blue is us, and we were there in full force. Masculine pom pom-mers. Players kitted out in their regalia and coach reviewing the team list. We had mass participation from middle management to the lowly scrubs, it was a real team affair.

Alas, Red was nowhere to be seen! The rules and regulations clearly state that in the event of a no-show after 15 minutes from the promulgated match time, there would be a walkover for the opponents. The organizer, notably not highly ranked in the social echelon enough to put his foot down and make that decision decides to "wait it out", going to the extent of calling up the Red teamsters enquiring as to where the hell they were!

The truth unfolds slowly. The bald dude in charge of forming the Red team, had gone on "my wife is pregnant" leave. Neither did he bother to forward his mail to someone else who could handle his duties in his absence. As a result, they were none the wiser. Now I show you the org chart.

Although, the organizer on hand was of the lower 'uns, the main man in charge of the smooth flow of the tourney was .... drumroll.... a RED man [Red 2]! He's a friend of mine so I shan't go about too much on his ass. In the crowd, there were murmurs of dissension. Was there gonna be a legal and righteous walkover or not? Or was the kelong element going to rear it's ugly head again based on the handshake pacts and hush hush phone calls of the top echelon. Namely, Blue 1 and Red 1. Now, we consider the implications.

In the event that the Blue PPL had already plonked their effort and ass on the court awaiting the match and there was no walkover forthcoming, a lot of "face" will now be lost. The Blue PPL are gonna be generating some chewy phlegm to greet Blue 1 in the event that he allows a "friendly-let's just play it another day" end state. Red 2 as the overall co-ordinator is gonna be looked down on for seemingly siding with his Red counterparts although his position should in fact guarantee impartial judgments.

End? There WAS a walkover. Not before lots of badgering and foul faces. Still, it was a thin line between polluting the minds of 18-19 year olds that rules and regulations are just superficially there to look good on printed paper whereas they're easily bent and rendered void based on some top echelon agreements. Though, this didn't occur here, it IS permeating thru all levels of our society. Work, school, social settings and what not. The moment you show it obviously that rules can be bent based on whims, then why the fuck do you bother to pen out rules anyway?

Still, there is another group of bozos who don't even know why a regulation is there and what exactly it regulates. As long as it is in a nice red leather covered binder. Observe below.

When asked why a certain rule was such back in Secondary 3, a brilliant teacher retorts:

"Rules are meant to be followed because they are rules!"




Just reminiscing about the past 4 months with the boys and yeah, I'm gonna fuckin miss them. Each and everyone of the cadets. One of the happier moments apart from the daily "chanting" we receive that has landed at least one of us one step closer to an appointment with the ear doctor.

Why does one voluntarily come up with a proposal to organize a street soccer tournament? Cos, you're damn cock sure you're gonna win it that's why.

A small tete a tete with the a member of the team that finished 3rd reveals all.

He: Wah, you damn steady ah. Organize the tournament. Go and choose the medal. Buy the medal. Collect the medal. Later, awarded the medal.

Me: Ah boh. If not do for what?

Ma boys, the winners, in white vests. Staff in white too. Yellow are 3rd. Orange are 2nd. Booya! Interestingly the only 3 who didn't play on our team are the three "sideliners" from the course:

I wouldn't dare close this topic without some bragging. A vid of the magical steal and shot and "almost" goal. "Almost" Goal 3 of a 7-3 routing:

For maximum appreciation, do rewind and play, rewind and play till you get it in your dumb numbskull, Jabroni!