Just reminiscing about the past 4 months with the boys and yeah, I'm gonna fuckin miss them. Each and everyone of the cadets. One of the happier moments apart from the daily "chanting" we receive that has landed at least one of us one step closer to an appointment with the ear doctor.

Why does one voluntarily come up with a proposal to organize a street soccer tournament? Cos, you're damn cock sure you're gonna win it that's why.

A small tete a tete with the a member of the team that finished 3rd reveals all.

He: Wah, you damn steady ah. Organize the tournament. Go and choose the medal. Buy the medal. Collect the medal. Later, awarded the medal.

Me: Ah boh. If not do for what?

Ma boys, the winners, in white vests. Staff in white too. Yellow are 3rd. Orange are 2nd. Booya! Interestingly the only 3 who didn't play on our team are the three "sideliners" from the course:

I wouldn't dare close this topic without some bragging. A vid of the magical steal and shot and "almost" goal. "Almost" Goal 3 of a 7-3 routing:

For maximum appreciation, do rewind and play, rewind and play till you get it in your dumb numbskull, Jabroni!


Anonymous said...

i used to be handsome before alvin's exotic face covered mine


ah_neh said...

some vietnamese don't get much camera action.

Anonymous said...

dude, it's CI - daonee.

Anonymous said...

dude, it's CI - daonee.