Interview With God

I want you guys to click this for me, click 'presentation', and then sit thru it. Absorb.

Not propaganda, not asking you to join my church youth group [Of which I belong to that one la that one, the one that is at River valley, Church of MS].

Just take 3 minutes of your time and absorb. Much appreciated by me.


Far East

Ah, today I traversed Orchard. The entire stretch from Somerset to Orchard MRT. Hmmm, ok not really entire stretch, didnt hit Lucky to Centrepoint, neither did I go beyond Wheelock, but yeah. Far enuf I say.

I hate Orchard by the way. Lotsa ppl love to hang out there, window shop, sip their coffee, eat some haagen daz, wash eyes. But I cannot take it. Immense pressure la, must comb hair nice nice must wear okok clothes, must not do anything too wacky. So many restrictions on my unbridled soul. ;)

Oh well, it was a trip down nostalgia walkin into Far EAst Plaza. Ne'er been there in a year and a half when I followed some KL friends shopping. But yeah, just the place itself. How it has changed. Old shops are no more, Suddenly ppl discovered a LEvel One, i.e. All u jap fashion mofos, come come set up shop area.

The ATM is suddenly missing, don know where the fuck it is. Prolly, the biggest surprise was the auntie at Jelita Minimart REMEMBERS me! Still! N the damn lady STILL asks me for my i/c, sheesh I'm practially towering over her now, as compared to sec 1 when I was only her height or shorter. HAHA.

The BK is good. Thank god the central fountain is gone. what a useless piece of equipment, all in all a much cleaner shopping complex, still with affordable great buys. I mean you can get ur haircut, eat a good meal, get a tattoo and still grab a cab home all from the same goddamn building. Oh yes, still have your daily filler of eye candy. If they decided to arrive at the same time.

Yes, missed the place. But no, don't want to be hanging there again. Some things are jus meant to be done at a certain age, and once u pass it, it doesnt bring the same thrill. I remember playing bowling with a green dustbin [BALL] and 10 Jim Beam bottles [PINS], ah, all in the past in front of the present day BK. Ah, at least I'll have my memories. Adieu!

P.S. The new font size good? Not? Comments...



Instead of waiting for Maddox to update, and waiting for a pig to fly sometime this century, I was thrilled to find that Postsecret was back with a new collection. My favourite two of this lot:

Don't we all?!

Oh....don't we all!?!? Especially Jolie-Pitt and their adopted offspring. *Ptui*

Nokia N70 for sale.

Ok, latest addition due to my buddy Ah Pui's good lobangs.
5 export sets of the new Nokia N70 are for sale. View the phone's specifications o'er here.

Export sets means NO Warranty, hence the low offer price of just $700 as compared to the normal retail of $840 [Best price i could find among my suppliers]. Think about it, won't be on the table for long. Sms my number. If ya don't have it already, email me.

Green Street Elite

I am just done watching the Green Street Elite in Green Street Hooligans, a fantastic Brit film. Thank you Vikram.

Fantastic is about the only word that I can use, watch it, I totally identify with it. Resonates to the bone. The language, the brotherhood, the naivete and the sheer balls of these individuals called the GSE. Every football club in Europe has a firm. What's a firm, well it's a gang. Not exactly a gang but a football gang. Their only affiliation is the football club they support which is more than likely their neighbourhood resident club. So, the aim is just to get the reputation of their own Firm to be the best in their city or even the country. And you do this by bashing all other Firms at matches, the greatest insult of course is to get bashed in your own home turf.

The movie profiles the GSE, who are West Ham's firm as they whack other London firms and finally one of the main characters dies in a fuckin big time brawl with arch enemies and neighbours, Millwall. BTW, seems Tottenham's and Arsenal's firm stink.

Watch it. You won't regret it. Also, catch Revolver [directed by Guy Ritchie].

"I've never lived closer to danger, but I've never felt safer.

I've never felt more confident, and people could spot it from a mile away.

And as for this, the violence? I gotta be honest - it grew on me.

Once you've taken a few punches and realize you're not made of glass, you don't feel alive unless you're pushing yourself as far as you can go."


American History X

" Hate is baggage. Life's too short to be pissed off all the time. It's just not worth it."
American History X


Bookworm Alert

What I'm reading:

Why you should read it:

This is not a storybook, for those of you have not been introduced to *ahem* non-ficiton yet. Also, do not look for a tell all expose on how 9/11 came to be. This is in depth analysis of all Middle Eastern/European/Asian/African countries which came to be involved in the greatest web of all time, Islamic Extremism. From way back to present day, meet the top dogs, the plans that succeeded and failed, and of course the hand that mujahideen Bin Ladin played in the entire theatre.

What I was reading:

Why you should read it:

The Haj is fiction chronicling a young boy's birth and then his journey thru his adulthood. Great in depth research by Uris will describe to you exactly how the state of Israel came to be and of course present day Israel-Palestine conflicts. Also, learn of plots to take down that tiny nation of Israel as compared to their nemesis neighbours and how at the end of the day, the Jews cannot be shaken off their pedestal.

Theme Nights

Theme nights are getting all the more popular these days. But then again, as far as I've seen, only long standing places with loyal followings or an entirely expatriate crowd can attempt to pull off fancy dress or themed parties. Namely, Zouk, the Ang Moh joints at Boat Quay like urmz Penny Black and of course ubiquitous Cheeky Monkeys. Not a blatant ad for the club, but just my take on the various theme nights that have transpired since.

I enjoy themes, no, I dont dress up. HAHA. Anyone who knows me knows that it's not because I fear embarassment cos heck, I travel in a cab wherever I go, but its just cos i'm plain darn ole lazy. The laziest mofo I am, wouldnt even wear a mask for Halloween cos it would greatly hamper my drinking potential.

Cheekys...hmmm nowadays it seems that any kid of the 17-18 region who needs to break their club-virginity ends up there. Fair enough. STOP! Don't. Don't spoil the blardy market can or not. We just want to go there chill, shoot our pools, let the ones who dance dance and of course eyewash women of OUR age. Not girls, not infants but ladies and women. However, during theme nights, it seems even mothers of 2 become coy,childish schoolgirls. Is it the free alcohol that floats around? Nah, I think its the boisterous carryin of the event by the staff of the place. Namely, credit to Ray and Max, superpower Bartenders not afraid to do anything and everything with their body, ahem.

My favourite 4 of this year:

1. Austin Powers Night

Awesome! Fuckin Shaggadelic. I have completely forgotten what was drunk or said that night, just the sight of good ole fren Ganesh in Old Fat Bastard garb was enough to keep me entertained the whole night. Oh yeah, this was the night where ahem MILF was galore. Ah, but that tale for another day.

2. Mexican Night

Viva La raza baby! Tequila was flowing out of the coffers like liquid gold. I tell you, there was no time to look at Man U lose on the big screen [I'm serius, check the records] and the bartop chicitas AND the drunken fucks stumbling into your field of vision. Hmmm, was darn blardy packed. Its at these times I wish I can just smuggle in that badminton court umpire chair from my neighbourhood.

3. Halloween

All stops were pulled out for this year's halloween. My third one there in fact.The entire space outsid ethe clubs was used to create such a dark morbid atmosphere. IT was scary la I tell you, you step into this darkness illuminated only by glow in the dark stickers and suddenly the doorman who has his Darth Maul mask says hi. WOah..go slow there.. I still need to drink before I die of shock. ;)

Kudos to all the people who came with costumes, special praise to this group of 5 TP students, no idea who they were, but yeah they jus trawled club after club after club parading their costumes..haha.

4. Foam Party

I would have included the Beach Party too, but alas I didnt attend. Foam or beach, same concept. This year's foam was like wah lau eh, overboard right! Haha, quite unlike Vibes Foam parties for those who still remember Vibes where I received my clubbin education amidst Wednesday G-String nites, yes there wasnt no ladies nights then, just nights where if you clamber up the bar top and take off your G string, you'd get a free jug. Boy was that wild. ;)

Anyway, this is how it works with the regulars at Beach/Foam parties. Element in abundance? Water. Element in abundance, easily attainable at the taps of the bar? Water. Everyone is alert, everyone's on the look out. We jus wait and wait with jugs full of plain water..for just one unsuspecting clown and booooooooosh. He gets the full water treatment. I've been soo drenched that they've even not let me into an after party club cos they thought Iw as wet after washing up my own puke.

Did I mention, we use water guns too. I like water guns. U jus wait and wait for some drunken fuck who wouldnt know a dick from his toe to walk past and jus blast. Super Soaker 1 - Drunken Fuck Nil.

While I immerse in the fumes of my cigarette which is burning down to my fingers now, see photogs from all these past events and more.

At least credit to photography team, I'm in 3 of them. Mwahahaha. Page Loads can take quite some time, have some patience. I hate FLASH! Cheeky Monkeys.



MRT Etiquette

I remember me and Zaki talking bout this on Tuesday after my last paper. Dont know why 2 dickheads out of a myraid of topics oughta bitch on this one but yeah. Our findings on the "clean", "cool", "courteous" MRT system. Cue: Class 95 ad, add another "C" to the 3. "Cock-a-nathan!"

1. The Great Singapore Sale Pros

Dude! There's no free lingerie or 5 dollar knockoff hidden under the seats of the train. Wait your fuckin turn. We know you are carryin big big bags of stinking old dried ikan kurau or that you smell of your cat's menses but don't be pushing onto me! I'm already at the edge of the track, Singapore is a "queue" country. Follow the damn blardy queue, and yeah if you blend in with the yellow lines I really don care, stop touchin me!

2. The Old Folk and The Pregnant Lasses

Now, I have always strived to be cordial and courteous to elders beyond my age, especially hobbling old folk who take the time taken from Khatib to Yishun [And you all know what length that is] just to reach the door from their seats. Now, dear old man, if you know you hobble like a snail, don't overestimate your abilities cos you're only gonna miss your stop. Come into the carriage and stand by the door and cling on for dear life hoping your heart or your legs aint gonna give up anytime soon.

And when I offer you my seat, I have already committed my lazy ass to waking up for some sunshine. Just SIT! No excuses, I watch TV too you know, I know I MUST give you my seat, especially the beautiful green ones. Plonk your arse down, I don't want your excuses. "But, I'm gettin off the next stop" -- "NEVER mind, SIT!". *Pants*Too much ranting*

One last bit before this section ends, you know all those times when you are like just sorting out the stuff on your lap so you could give it up to one old ah soh or ah pek just to find out the guy beside you had already risen and offered his seat. Happened to you? And what do the rest of the ppl do? They stare at ya goddamit...why do you stare? Cos I didnt beat the world record for who can get up his seat fastest? Well I'm sorry, I sucked at musical chairs anyway. And the guy who gives it up also gives u that "look" and that "smirk" .MOFO. Something is real wrong with our nation's train etiquette.

3. The Brats

I say this once, and I say it again. If you can't control your kid. Chain him at home with Rover the dog on the other end so it can bite him in his balls when he yanks it too much. I hate kids running all over the fuckin train. Frankly, if I had done that in my infancy, I would have got smacked soo hard, I'd rather crawl back into the womb. I even got smacked for standing up all the way down, a la surfer at the Big Splash. My mum's hands are bullets. Keep off the freakin hand grips, they are not monkey bars. My spectacles are not your toy and neither do I like you drooling over my school bag.

Oh yes, to the wild uns who insist on running like Ben Johnson and then tripping over your foot and falling like he did too after his dope scandal -- If your mum ever stares at me, like I waited and planned and in Machiavellian fashion aimed to send her offspring flying into air, I'm gonna scream. This is a promise. I will fuck that poor mum up soo bad, she's just going to start a TAXI fund next to your UNI fund.

4. The Groups

The Groups, entails families, couples holding hands cos they scared they get lost within the train and well anybody and everybody as long is more than 1 person. Incl. army boys, factory workers, sec skool kids.

WHY?WHY?WHY must you dickheads insist on sitting together? WHY! Is it such great pain when you cant snuggle up with your friend or colleague in the train. You have a fetish for arms touching you?

If I am sitting and the seat to the left and right of me is free. Just sit! If you want me to move, ask politely: "Excuse me, Sir/Boy/Brother could you move to the next seat?" Ah, that is courtesy. You mofos stand infront of me, me reading my book, you staring me to the ground, expecting me to move??!?!?! I pay the same fare for god's sake. And I take it from freakin Boon Lay, a full hour in the freakin train! Go fuck yourself, or charter a chopper where you can ur blowjob in the fuckin air instead of nestled within me and the glass panel.

Ah, the anger has subsided. School doesn't start for another month or so, so adios MRT, I'm a just gonna call me a Comfort whenever I need to travel. Adieu!


A guide to why I spend every waking minute after my exams, glued to my computer screen except for smoke/pee breaks. Not even bothering to trawl town. Anime. Explained the ah-neh way.

What I was watching last year: Initial D 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/Extra Stage. Movie [2005].

What it's about:

The maniacal world of street car racing otherwise known to us only thru the eyes of The Fast And The Furious. Specializing in mountain roads, racers perfect the art of drifting [a specialized technique used to hug tight corners and hairpin curves]

Watch it for:

Learn anything and everything about driving. Pros and cons of street racing and the amount of brains it takes to be a racer, No ah Pek not you with that toyota corona and the "HIRED" sign. The sheer technical knowledge will astound you. From suspensions to carburettors, from turbo engines to 4WDs.

What I was watching last semester: Naruto [Currently Episode 160 as of today]

What its about:

The exploits of main character Naruto and his fellow ninjas as they pursue "the way of the ninja". Sudden and unpredictable plot twists engage you all the way. Friends become foes, enemies become allies, kids grow up to be intelligent albeit missing out on the maturity part, adults.

Watch it for:

Learn all you need to know about ancient Japan. The code of the samurai, though the movie is about ninjas. Ninja techniques, special skills and powers. Certain characters are also named to coincide with legendary heroes from ancient Japanese history during the days where samurai and ninja reigned supreme. Also watch for Tsunade's [she becomes the head ninja in the middle] huge tits. Makes you wonder if ninjas get down to the dirty dirty in the midst of it all or not.

What I am watching now: Bleach [Currently Episode 59 as of today]

What it's about:

A boy, couple of his friends and his family develop the ability to see ghosts. Good and bad. The good are sent to Soul Society ,something like heaven but far from it. The bad are called Hollows and need to be killed by Death Gods or they will continue preying on innocent human souls. All the characters have suffered some loss or another to Hollows. Ichigo, the protagonist, attains powers of a Death God thru weird means and battles to save his friend from execution. Meanwhile, there is a thick plot to undermine the political structure in the ranks of Soul Society. Gripping if not for the fuckin young punks who do their kawaiiii style speech sometimes. ;)

Watch it for:

Learn about the Spirit World. Especially from a nation where 95% of the population practise Shinto. Learn about netherworlds, happyworlds and special powers you have never thought of. If you think Tarantino is an ace director, the fella who directed this series has gotta be on par if not better, so well taken the anime is.


This is for you.

This is for you. I want to let you know, I am not going to apologize. I've had it. I'm condescending, I know. Who doesn't? I'm like that. It is my true self, no facades.

You can't handle me. Cos you can only handle the nice me, even then you are shaky. I am not going to be the one to ask for a truce this time round, interested call me, I'll take it as nothing happened.

Quit whining like a teenage sod. You want to be level with me: In age,intelligence,experience. Come, give it a go. Don't give it up cos of whines. I can do without it. Seriously.

"When the world gets in my face...I say: Have a nice day!"


Jealousy. Need I say more, I feel it. U feel it. Gosh, even a pet dog feels it when it sees you paying more attention to someone else. But, how much of it is truly warranted, truly worthwhile?

I'm a fuckin jealous guy, ask all my gfrens. No one's gonna refute it, well not to the point of insanity but yet yeah, I think if you care enough to want to protect someone/thing to keep it yours, you'd get jealous too of any externalities. Hmm, econs term, I'm sorry exams are over I shall cut this intellectual crap and get back to my roots.

I know a girl. She's just a friend, well you could say better than a friend. Somehow or rather, we're pretty close now, as in call her at anytime of the day and ask for my whereabouts and you'd hit the jackpot. Vice versa. She talks to dozens of men besides me too, I do urmz exercise a bit of caution to the wind to her about those matters but otherwise, I dont have sleepless nights thinking of who she'd be talkin to if not me. I don't get angry she's talking to other men, it's a jealousy thing. Not I'm jealous of you stealing my precious baby but jealous that you are more worth the time. ;)

Do you get the scenario? That was something where jealousy kinda just creeps in and is probably not justified [as with her behaviour when I talk to women]. It's was just a matter of worth and time and should have been talked out directly. [Something you badly need to learn..directness]. Time is by far the most expensive commodity in the world. Put that on the share markets, Buffet!

Now, the second is where it could be justified. Let us examine. I had a gfren, yes la who hadn't. Well point in question, I had. Therefore I is single. Booya! Anyway, my gfren wasn't even in the same country as me. She in M'sia, I here, and no, she's not someone who runs free in the plantations, she went to KL to an Aussie Uni cos living expenses are cheaper there than in Melbourne. Well, she had this MSN buddy, some Brit fuck, I didnt care didnt mind till I realize that she pours her deepest darkest secrets to this clown, some unknown entity [unless by webcam is equal to known] who would/wouldnt use it for his own nefarious means.

As a partner, damn right I'm jealous. No one goes all lovey dovey and hunny/sweetie/baby on my gfren but me and not only online but thru sms? Yeah its a typical tamilan reaction, but if by that it means doing the manly thing then damn right I'm tamilan. Due to this externality, things did take a turn for the worse. Her defence: "After all I'm never gonna see him, he's no threat..really !". We did break up. They both did meet up. And now are married and living in the UK. Bwaahaha. Fitting ending? I say fitting jealousy.

Sometimes, you go thru life and certain things hit you instinctively. You probably have a rough idea how warm blooded males and females react [pontianaks and djinns out of the question]. So, when something still pricks you instinctively, what do u do...what do u do?

You react. Cos it's the right thing to do. With jealousy, with anger, with compassion, with pride, with love and of course with humanity. You react. Show em what you're made of. If there's anything that validates your puny existence in this overwhelming planet.

For you baby: Don't fret... I jus speak words. If you think we still connect, then don't be distant. IT pisses me off a lot. If you insist, then be gone. Make this distance wider, I'll ask Moses to come down part the friggin Siloso lagoon for ya. ;)



Your IQ Is 115

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average
Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Exceptional
Your General Knowledge is Above Average

What can I say, I'm just a genius. But 115 is a freakin bad estimate la, I'm in the 95th percentile of Singapore geniuses. Certified by MENSA no doubt. Take your own test, contact them, MENSA and please only read in future if you're smarter than me. I hate to teach. Punks.


Drunken Night Out

I was gone. Yesterday I was fuckin gone. Wasted. Drunk. Sloshed. Whatever you call it. The brain was alive but the legs don't feel like walking. My adventure on the dark side. I drink a lot, yes i do, 4 times a week actually. It's only to the lead up of examinations and the exam period that I realize and convince myself I aint an alcoholic. So, I'm not.

I'll write bout the watering holes another time. Tonight, it's the ever popular blame game. I blame you Zaki Masturi. KNN..if you hadn't spouted minute after minute "I'm gone..i'm gone" I wouldnt have psychologically asked my sub conscious why I'm not gone yet. You asshole, did i not warn you drinking while sleepy aint gonna help anyone least of all me. N your pathetic decision making, I hate you la. Hahaha.

Me and Zaki, we've shared a lot. Aint the closest of pals, but it seems we pop up around one another all the time. Secondary school, boarding, Uni. I treasure your friendship, your fashion advice [oh yeah, especially on how to pluck your own eyebrows ~_^], and of course the nonsense you MATS come up with time and time again. Who else can I single out for a 50 buck loan only to be paid back in 2 weeks. It seemed not long ago, that we drank together. My Baron's present for you, that Beng Kwee Lo we snogged in the bathroom, that fateful night with candles and vodka at Macritchie. All at sweet 16. Impressive. And it took 7 years for us to drink again.

Well here is, my cheers to many more good nights out, this time keep your mouth shut bout getting high, so I wont think bout it, and wont get drunk too. ;) All in all, a good jug of whiskey dry was wasted cos you insisted on getting zoned out. U owe me for that, and cut that grin off your face. Or I'll throw some jutsu to counter it. Salaam.

Zaki on the right, Ariff on the left



It's time I spoke about local band Ronin, rising from oblivion this group of 5 rockers have taken local charts by storm with their new album and also delivered true rock n roll to audio conscious fans locally and Asia, soon the world.

Reason for this promotion, well the bass guitarist is ma BMT platoon mate Simon.
What I said bout him: " his pre-sleeping ritual of bathing....putting on his PT kit..and then jumping on his bed to hump it dRY..simon was always a livewire...can trust him to bring da humour on baby"
What he said bout me: "If i am a livewire,you're one fucking giant EMP cannon like the matrix shit"
[courtesy of Friendster testimonials]

Anyway, if you haven't caught any of these guys songs, the links are all on their webbie. Here, RONIN. Featured in the newspapers umpteen times in recent months following the release of their album, buy their merchandise, support the cause. Oh btw, Ronin does school concerts too, consider it their ahem "world" tour la..

Simon (center): Tryin hard to be "Shades" from The Wonders


Christmas Wish List No. 7

Christmas Wish List No. 7 :

I know that this is all but cliche. But, it is a damn good invention. Rumour has it that there is another IPOD killa due to be released, probably by a Taiwan firm. And also, not that I'm not pro-Singaporean but Creative's Zen series is a dud in user friendliness. Yeah..seems there's a lawsuit in the courts that the Nano scratches too easily. Hmm...scratches? You should see all of my past and present handphones, that'll show you something you wanted to know bout scratches, bumps, blood, oil, soda water, detergent, chemical solvents.

For you: Baby..get me my NANO la...I'll get you your MINI. Fair enuf?

Christmas Wish List No. 8

Christmas Wish List No. 8:

Yeah, my very own black satin sheets. Look well, look hard. Someone told me can get in Spotlight, I don't care. My bed. These sheets. Pronto. Mattress and accessories sold seperately, babe not included.

Christmas Wish List No. 9

Christmas Wish List No. 9:

My very own Jacob and Co watch. This my friends is the Tourbillion, feel free to visit them, browse through their catalogue, just pop in your credit card number, and send it to my add. Don't worry I not shy wan...want to send me..I will take.
Movement: Tourbillon
Caliber: JC1000
Diameter: 30mm
Jewels: 18
Base: JC1000
Frequency: 21600 vph
Power reserve: 120 hours (5 days)
Special features and finish: JACOB & Co. color bridges and handmade finish
Functions: Hours, Minutes, World Time
Case:Diameter: 47.50 mm
Height: 14.95 mm
Available in these metals:Limited edition series: 18 pieces in each: white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, platinum plus 2 unique styles in diamonds!
Bezel: Sapphire Crystal
Case Back: Sapphire Crystal, Exhibition Case Back
Water Resistant: 30 Meters
Band: Crocodile, Folding Clasp
Cost: WTF...if you really can afford this u aint a friend of mine...


Christmas Wish List No. 10

It's time to start the wishlist.
Christmas Wish List No. 10:

My very own personalized pool cue. Ah, my heart breaks thinking about the million times I've hinted/directly pointed at/shown an advert from the papers to family and friends at least months before my birthday.

Don't la..... I really want to be world class, I can't work with house cues anymore. They suck. ;)

Even professional gamers got weighted mouses, gimme a weighted personalized pool cue la... I beg you....... hahahhaha... Species Pathethicus.

Straw Poll

Ok..quick straw poll,
who was scarier?

It's over.

How fast these posts fly... As quickly as I rage, as quickly it subsides. I owe it all to a 14 year old boy, the mistake by birth, a treasure now. He calmly explained that just like India and Pakistan, some people just don get along. And there are the border areas, where contact is made, albeit with dangerous stares and weapons all a swinging. I didnt ask for this to happen, it jus did. I didnt raise you, you raised your own bloody ego thinking your nuts were bigger than mine.

Now, all bruised ribs, black eyes, broken glass in foot over the years later. You come to me? you come to me...and think you are my equal? You'll never be. I am rash and filled with angst. I explode and implode in mere seconds. It is my strength yet it is my weakness. By sms you apologize? Hmm..wat next...write me a love letter. Is it not obvious enough, I just dont like you. Not since you were born. You to me are nothing, you don't matter. I will not save you even if you were a random stranger drowning in a pool of water. I'll be one of those who looks on and calls the cops.

This could have been you. It was not. Your luck WILL run out someday. And when you realize you're all alone at the end of the day with nary a friend or sibling or fuck buddy to console you. You will jump. I know you will take the coward's way out. But seriusly, I wont shed a tear, nor attend nor give your grieving widow money [If you do get to that stage]. I close this chapter today. No more. I don't want any more.


P.S. I should have let you die when you were 4 years old and you were lying there in that ditch. I should have gone full ahead of getting you lost in that M'sian plantation when you were 6. I've wanted to kill you for so goddamn long, you dont know how happy this makes me. You know what you mudderfucker...I really hope you read this. I sincerely do, even 40 years down the road I am not goin to apologize for my murderous tendencies. You were never one of us, you will never be. Just keep your filthy mouth out of my affairs, your filthy hands out of my property and your filthy friends out of my areas. Mum was there to save you always, I'll wait till she's gone.

Why's everybody always picking on me?

This is for you, you dumb fuck nobody-loves-me, why's everybody always picking on me piece of cunt licking pussy. Please, don't impose your insecurities on me, on Arul, on anyone else you think is within your sphere of influence. Cos, there is no sphere, even if there was you probablydon't even know what shape a sphere is you cock-sucking, shoe-stealing motherfucker.
Courtesy of the bloodhound gang [amazingly Vanilla Ice is involved with them]:

"Why's everbody always pickin' on me' ?

Cause my fifteen year-old cousin has less acne

But why's everbody always pickin' on me'

Ain't brushed them teeth since 1983

But why's everbody always pickin' on me'

Cause you got the grooming habits of a chimpanzee

Whys everbody always pickin' on me'

Cause ya wore velour flares until the late eighties

But why's everbody always pickin' on me'

Cause you run like a girl and sit down to pee

But why's everbody always pickin' on me'

Cause your only school chum was the canteen lady

But why's everbody always pickin' on me'

You took your mom to the prom but still got lucky

But why's everbody always pickin' on me'

Cause no one likes you monkey boy

The Bloodhound Gang


All the world's a stage

Instalment 3 of the Guest Wordsmith series:
Ms. Dhiviya
“All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.”
William Shakespeare
A facade. A Masquerade. Is that we who are blessed with multiple intelligences have been reduced to? A masquerade where the heart behind the mask is but left to the mere imagination and interpretation of others, where judgement, perception and expectation conquers one's heart like a serpent would its prey. Yet like a floundering fish out of water, we silently call out for help, often not to rid us of physical pain but just to help us seek ourselves out, so that we do not have to be the wooden puppets we are controlled by strings, dictated by the so called conceptions of morality others may have. So that the heart behind the mask need not seek which mask will suit it, but instead have the courage to remove it to show its true self to the world.

Yet I believe that every masked rider will have his day, the day of reckoning when he realises that despite his treasure chest brimming with the gold of wealth and a seemingly good life on the surface, he soon realises that he is but yet the poorest destitute beggar there ever was for his true treasure chest, that of his soul is so empty worse yet torn that its existence is highly rare. Those of us who have not felt this shall feel it some day though a certain level of maturity is required.

For instance why is it that the middle aged man who shed his first strand of hair suddenly realises that his whole life is a hoax a mere fa├žade, where then as he attempts to “find” himself he commits adultery and is soon lonelier then ever. This may not be the fate we may choose to face, but the sooner we realise the facts, we can put it aside and move on. The problem here is that often when one realises that all his life he has been actually dead and just merely existing, he attempts to rectify the problem further, further yet falling into the perils of denial and into the clutches of the one thing he feared his whole life- himself. For every time he got up and looked at the man in the mirror, he tried to change him to suit into the plastic mould others created for him. Yet, he never realised, that in life, we are more like clay figurines, delicate and fragile yet baring a distinct unique character.

We are so afraid that some day we will break and the bits of debris of ourselves will wound us so bad, we will be nothing more than a rotting corpse, so much so that we use masks, lots of them to hide not from others but from the voice within. Yet little do we realise that these debris of sand and clay can actually be moulded into a rare exquisite pearl for like the oyster we all have it within us to transform these bits of sand into pearls. But this can only be done when we have the courage to realise that we are not the glamorous corals that line the sea bed or the clever dolphins that roam oh so free.

To realise that we are but oysters, we are but ourselves with a potential and a natural beauty and purity within. This takes courage. The courage to accept and realise that really, we have nothing to loose for what did we bring to earth to loose? , and nothing to gain for what are we going to bring away when we die? Courage is not the absence of fear but the acceptance to realise there is something more important than that fear.

We as humans, are perhaps the most fearful creatures on earth, though we label ourselves as one of the most feared in the animal kingdom, yet another mask to hide us from ourselves. We fear everything. We say we fear death but deep down I think we fear life the most. We fear that at the end of the day when we shut our eyes for good, we will shut them with the realisation that we were actually dead all along.

Why do we make death out to be such a horrible dark thing equivalent to satanic controls? Why fear death, why cry at one's funeral when u really could not care to spend a thought with him or her when they were alive and kicking? Why shed buckets of tears and deem it mandatory and mock others or belittle perhaps another's true love for the person just because he didn't cry? I say it was he who bore no buckets who really truly loved the deceased for he knows he spent all his time with the deceased to gain a fruitful everlasting memory and the experience of some sort of pure love they shared so that now when he is gone he knows that really the deceased's soul is finally free and he as an individual has had a meaningful partner on his journey and quest of life. I say those buckets people force out are a mask, a mask to delude themselves from the reality which is that they never did all that was possible for the deceased in order to let him leave freely for after all if they truly did love him that unconditional love comes with no strings attached, and hence he is free to enter and leave your life, as ultimately all who enter and leave are like characters in our life, each bearing a unique purpose and meaning, retiring from it when their purpose is met. So what is the use of mourning their departure?

For example, when a close friend or boyfriend/girlfriend walks out of your life the common phrase we hear is that "he was never meant to be. It was never meant to be." I say quit the self pity act and wake up to reality. True, he and you may have had your own issues and as hard as it may be to swallow, he was put into your life to teach you something to make you stronger for that which does not kill you makes you stronger. Everyone leaves for forever is never. What doesn't leave is the memory, the joy and the love we experienced and shared. In the twisted sadistic realm of reality, it is the intangibles in our life that seem to bare the greatest significance.

Why continue to be the masked actors that we are, being like a rock merely existing. Shred the mask and show yourself. What you see is what you get and if others dont't get it, they are merely blinded by the foggy mist of life. As a Mayan legend goes, when man walked into a misty cave seeking some sort of deliverance, he was given a mirror, a mirror to truly see who he was and embrace the reality of his existence.

Like white stallions we all long to be free and liberated riding with the wind with our manes flying free, yet we often blame others, society, friends, family for restraining us for tugging at the reins on our backs without realising that the so called mighty horse rider can be toppled over for he is ultimately governed by his horse. Ride into the horizon, for we are not prisoners of fate or circumstance, we are prisoners of our own minds and deluded realities, we are prisoners of the masks that bind our true beauties, we are but prisoners of ourselves unless we choose to be free.

"Ah! make the most of what we yet may have, before we too into the dust descend.”


And a spanking merry Christmas to you too

Instalment 2 of the Guest Wordsmith series [Chrissy Edition]:

Ms. Aarthi

And a spanking merry Christmas to you too. Yes, its that time of the year again, when we all ham it up to get into the spirit of Giving. Hogwash if you ask me. We are all liars and we fool little children to be as ignorant as us too. Which six year old of the right mind would actually believe Santa would be so unfashionable as to ride around in a tight, red unflattering suit? For those of you who think your kids are so adorable because they really believe in Santa, I'd suggest you send them for an IQ test soon enough.

My idea of Christmas? Screw the whole falsities of the spirit and all that. Lets all dress up in Santarina outfits, get a whip and spank em naughty boys. In any case if you think that I'm sexed up, too bad for you. You can't whoop me cos this aint my blog. Muahahhaa.

But really,when did we let everything get so commercialized that the Xmas spirit itself became a must-have. People start doing the, its Xmas, can you stop being so mean. Eh hello, I will be mean whenever I want to. My calendar is there to show me the dates not the decorum!

Nevertheless, since I'm the only ungiving one here. I mean after all, someone has to receive or else all your spirits will be broken. So here's my Spankin List for a spanking Xmas.. all gifts can be sent through the Genius of course.

Buy Me This,Buy Me that!

1.A new computer
yes, I blog and type and chat with my sister's laptop.surely someone out there is kind enough to do me that favor right.

2.Wads of Cash
do I even have to explain this?

3.A trip to Thailand or Hong Kong.
I do need to go shopping with all the wads of cash you're getting me right?

4.An Automated Boyfriend.
He must be able to respond to commands and most importantly do what I want him to.
Blue eyes would be a bonus

5.A Whip
how am I supposed to make the automated boyfriend respond to my whims and woes? Plus, the old one doesn't work so well either. Over-used I say.

Do remember to send all presents(others are also accepted) through the Genius. And while I'm at it, some blatant advertising for my own blog. I'm too good.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
"From a commercial point of view, if Christmas did not exist it would be necessary to invent it. "


Happy Birthday Sara.

Happy Birthday Sara. Since you are now transcending your 14 years of age barrier. It's time to advise you on a few choice items before you die before me due to either AIDS, the vicitim of an "innocent" bank robbery or touching the wrong man's woman.

Pointer 1: You are not me. Yes the family similarities are there, but I was already way beyond you at your age. Heck, I didnt have to beg to play the Playstation, we HAD NO playstation. So, I was at the arcades with the bengs and the mats (tamilehs not incl. , they preferred sports that didnt require high technology.) So don't act like me, it doesn't work with UR dad, he'll smack ya silly got it. ;)

Pointer 2: Don't bully your younger sis. I will smack you myself if you do. She is the one sweet thing left to look forward to at family reunion dinners and if I see you throwin your spare carrots onto her banana leaf again or giving smart ass comments on how stupid she is, I will sew your mouth and stitch it tight.

Pointer 3: Don't mess with my brother. Yes, you are cousins, first cousins at that and born 4 days apart and yes, you've probably shared every function together since you were that tiny age. However, if I catch you putting him down for whatever reasons you dumb fuck teenagers do, I will stand vigil outside your dumb fuck school (unfortunately my brother is in the same one..haiz) and skin your ass. Oh yes, please keep the smokers out of my brother's circle of friends, he doesnt need them. Since you want to be me that badly, I think U should pick up the next cig, happy days to your wallet son.

Pointer 4: This is a really nice cake, yes it's arriving at your place soon, soon after you discover that damn new Nike football under your bed. Play hard..play well.. It's cream cheese with chocolate chip bits on top, each oreo piece is the size of a marble. Don't start without me!
Credit: Yaso for introducing this magical culinary delight to me.

Pointer 5: The world is not fair, it don't matter if you are jus 14, it don't matter if the chicks think you're cute, it don't matter if you can do that cool ronaldinho trick or smash every known record in FIFA 2005. The idea is the world's not fair, watch your back. Watch your front too, you might be experiencing puberty. Let em grow, don be depressed, they're meant to be there....

Photoshop credit to Aarthi

Enjoy your cake. Best wishes. And please, stop that irritating sara...sara...sarajambo shieT. You aint gangsta... You jus attack your teppanyaki like one.

Why are we afraid? Masks.

Instalment 1 of the Guest Wordsmith series :

Ms. Nazreen

It is strange.we keep trying to mimic the westerners with their thinkin and dressing.but somehow most of us are still afraid to show who they truly are. Some pretend to be someone they are not, hoping that by being what others want them to be they would be much happier. But are they?
We keep putting on mask after mask. Will there ever be a point in our life where there is totally no mask at all? How would we realize if the one we claim is our identity is not a mask after all?why is it we live in a world where the thoughts and opinions of others dictate our lives? Thoughts are beyond our control. it just flows in and out of one's mind..so why do we get so affected by the thoughts and opinions of others? Now aren't we all guilty of, putting a little more effort in our appearance just so that we look pleasant not just to ourselves but to others? Why are we allowing others to define what is acceptable?
Yes of coz for work there's like a certain form of expectation and all but dun we put a little more effort than wat is expected (at least once) just so that others would not condemn us? Im guilty of that. i know some who're skinny and decide to wear real baggy clothes just so that others wun realize that they are skinny.. and those who are more fleshy who wear real covered clothes becoz they are shy to show that extra layer.. come on people..this is your body.. why be shy and embarrassed of it? Do u think anyone in the world has the exact body as yours?
Your body is a masterpiece. just like your mind..it's the only one its kind..so why are u hiding it?why cant you dress for yourself? and not to please someone else?why dun you say whats on your mind rather than just think.. 'so and so wun like me'.
If a person likes you for the pretend you and not the real you.. then its like liking another person altogether. if you keep putting on different masks all the time.. and sometimes several masks a time.. you just might lose you.. the reflection in the mirror might not reflect you anymore... i always say you can be whoever you want to be..yes.. but be true to yourself. if you dun start loving yourself.. how can u expect others to?

"Some people carry to such perfection the mask they have assumed that in due course they actually become the person they seem."

- Somerset Maugham



Dear Munna Bhai, my deepest condolences for Angie.
Let us pray.

Wine for Beginners

Today I write about wine. Nope, I am not going to teach you how to smell, swirl, gargle and spit and then tell me all about the lovely bouquet of aroma, and even identify individual smells; like if you could do that with my Davidoff Cool Water I'd definitely be very impressed.

I'm gonna tell you guys about wine investing. Wine is otherwise known as the true "liquid gold" of course it should be called so, with rare vintages going for an extraordinary 3,000 a bottle these days.

It all starts at the vineyards. Some vineyards produce good wines, some produce those 12 dollar varieties you can buy at 7-11 varieties. Different vineyards have different techniques and signature tastes. Now, once the wine is produced, let's say this year 2005. The wine has to be sold. So, the vineyard holds a sale where brokers come in to purchase it at the cost price (lowest price it can ever cost). Here's where we come in.

For good wines, a 2005 wine cannot be sold in 2005. No one's gonna drink it, so the merchants won't buy it. Wine takes a good 2-3 years to achieve minimum maturity and so someone has to hold the wine for these 3 years before releasing it for sale to the merchants. Who does the holding? Not the vineyards..they aint got the space to store and produce yearly harvests of new wines. So we do.

And the benefit of doing so? Well...in that 3 years where you pay for the storage and insurance of your premium wine, the added value is almost a good 10-15%! So, when I say confirmed profit. I mean this. Now, of course store it properly la..with proper humidity and temperature control so the labels dont get mouldy and the corks dont get damaged. BTW, even premium wine manufacturers are gravitating towards plastic screw caps for their bottles now..dont know if the fad will catch on though.

So, now you are sitting on a 15% capital gain in just 3 years. OK, some fixed deposits can do better. But, now comes the investor choice-information portion. The selection of what wine to buy. Thousands of vineyards, lotsa varieities of wine. Which is the best ? Hither come the "Million Dollar Nose" - Robert Parker Jr.

Parker is the supremo in wine ratings. He just woke up one day and decided to be the only fella who is ever gonna rate wines. And he does it professionally too, his ratings are the only ones to go by in the wine world. Every wine has a base rating of 50, one's above 90 are considered exceptional, above 95 are a collectors' item liao. So, if the wine u initally purchased was a 90 pointer and above [I personally only buy 92 pointers and above], you're in for another great price increase. Imagine, if your bottle of wine was bought at $40 and in 5 years is worth $1000. Hmm, you do the math.

Ultimately, everyone has their whims on where to make the most money. But for a stable and worthwhile investment, also if you are an avid wine drinker, a good bargain. Try wine. Ask me if you need any clarifications on how to start your own portfolio, might even let you buy into mine. I'll leave you with my final thought :


Don Vincent Corleone

Give me the order.
I don't want out.
I want the power to preserve the Family.
I'm asking for the order.

Sleep Deprivation.

Last night, I slept. Wait. IT wasn't night per se. It was more like afternoon. Anyway on Tuesday at 1 PM I slept and woke up at 530 this morning. 17 hrs of goddamn restful sleep. Coccooned within my duvet and all its rainbow coloured threads.

Fantastic. Peaceful. Much-needed!

I havent slept fitfully for a year at least. Of course in this category i don't include sleeping off the effects of alcohol cos even in that your sleep serves a purpose. Last night, there was no purpose. Almost like in a state of samadhi except you do awake.

I find it hard to sleep at nights. Read somewhere that some people are jus night ppl and some are jus day people. In fact, it even correlates to the time you were born. I.e. those born in the evening to nights like me, are generally more active at nights.

Ok, so they might be right. I club, or used to club 4 times a week. The nightlife was almost as normal as for a person who wakes up, goes to school/work comes back all tired and retires for some sleep. I sleep during the day, ALWAYS. It's like even if I want to rest at night, some evil being sits on my left shoulder tapping me awake. Yes, that's the shoulder that the evil sub conscious always sits on, watch more animated movies will ya.

My mum claims I have a fight with the sun. I say I'm just a vampire. Seeking blood red vodka swiggin nubiles and confined within my abode awaiting the evil rays of sunlight to pass me by.
I can't function in the day. At all. This has to be some kind of disease. I can't concentrate in school, I hate waking up for work. I am just not a morning person. And I need help. I am coming right out and asking for help. This is not insomnia mind you, it is just a case of excessive day sleepiness.

Does anyone out here know a cure?
"Dawn: When men of reason go to bed" - Ambrose Bierce

"Sleep that knits up the ravelled sleave of care

The death of each day's life, sore labour's bath

Balm of hurt minds, great nature's second course,

Chief nourisher in life's feast" - Shakespeare in Macbeth


First Love

Mary Corleone: I love my family.
Michael Corleone: Even your cousin, Vincent?
Mary Corleone: I really love him.
Michael Corleone: He's your first cousin.
Mary Corleone: Then, I love him first.

Don Michael Corleone

"I command this Family. Right or wrong."


Ovid Speaks

Ovid [14 BC - 37 AD] speaking about soldiers and lovers: Just excerpts not the whole thing.

A general looks for spirit in his brave soldiery;
a pretty girl wants spirit in her companions.
Both stay up all night long, and each sleeps on the ground;
one guards his mistress's doorway, one his general's.

The soldier's lot requires far journeys;
send his girl, the zealous lover will follow her anywhere.
He'll cross the glowering mountains, the rivers swollen with storm;
he'll tread a pathway through the heaped-up snows;
and never whine of raging Eurus when he sets sailor wait for stars propitious for his voyage.
Who but lovers and soldiers endure the chill of night,
and blizzards interspersed with driving rain?

The soldier reconnoiters among the dangerous foe;
the lover spies to learn his rival's plans.

I too was once an idler, born for careless ease;
my shady couch had made my spirit soft.
But care for a lovely girl aroused me from my sloth
and bid me to enlist in her campaign.
So now you see me forceful, in combat all night long

If you want a life of action, fall in love.

Of Love and War

Today, a good friend, closer day by day, pointed out to me that relationships are all about how much you love that person. True?
Her source was from a philosopher of the early centuries, and as distrusting as I am, I didnt bother to immerse my total belief in just the words of one source. My way is simple as the toll-free highway [u heard me..fuck ERP], what you hear...if u see it happen then u can believe. If what you hear u never see it happening anywhere or it isnt proven by anyone's actions in your entire existence, then that's all that it is. A baseless theory. Mathematics theories can be proven, psychological theories? Leave it to the experts I say, unless of course they lean towards the institution that provided them the sponsorship grant in the first place.

I totally believe relationships are split into 2 very distinct groups. [3 actually..but i couldnt be bothered to expound on the 3rd one cos you jus wont get it, unless you are a psychology major, neither am i]

1.The ones you cant run away from.
Family and relations. Some bonds are set the moment the doctor slaps your ass n realizes you arent a still born. Relations are prickly cos they jus don know how to mind their own fuckin business, I know this by self-example. I'm totally estranged from my father's side of the family, unless me and my 2 cousins meet up in the clubs or something. Family, ah, the thorn in most teens' sides. The world might turn upside down but you can never say that person is NOT my father/mother/brother/sister. Heck, there are loads of documents proving otherwise. Love em or hate em...u cant ignore them. Perhaps thats what makes us cherish them in a sort of way. They're there when we need them most, aloof when we dont. No matter what the fuck happens, no one CAN leave, and that jus makes the bond a whole lot stronger cos you learn to stick thru it thick and thin like an "ideal" marriage should be. Is this based on love then? Since there's an unbreakable bond already. What good or bad does love do, the r'ship is there to stay!

2. The ones you have a choice on : Friends
Friend is such a big diverse group, I should have dived in further and produced more categories, alas my 1st order differential equations is also calling for my attention. Friend, acquaintance, best friend, girlfriend,boyfriend, fuck mate, hang out buddy. Anything and everything, come in all shapes, all sizes, all kinds of attitudes. Is this r'ship based on love then? The same friend who instructed me on the teachings of an ancient philosopher, also told me that no matter what and who she quarrels with about, it all depends on the love she had/will have for the person which results in how she ultimately views the r'ship. If you ask me, utter crap. Friends are expendable. Simple truth. Expendable to the point where you can quarrel over the most minute of things and also the most major of things. In primary school, we fight cos someone took our things, didnt let us play the game with them, stole our canteen money, cut our queue. Yeah, it's that simple to lose a friend when you're sub-12 years old. In sec school, whole lotta other issues. The opposite sex, cliques, even CCAs for that matter. I know of an entire hockey team and basketball team of a school come to blows before even though both the captains were best buddies since pri school.
Then Jc/Poly..whatever other tertiary institutions you clowns belong to. This time things change to be a bit more intellectual.It's no more bout the friends you choose but whether those friends share your thoughts too. You kinda delve more into your self, become a more ideological person, form your own values and prefer to live it by those principles.
[of course i'm not referring to all ya idiots who jus go yes-sir, yes-ma'am...this post wasnt for you in the first place. thanks for reading so long...now u may get the fuck out]
Any of the above gotta do with love. What the fuck is love? 85% of you guys have no idea what is is with the exception of paternal/maternal/sibling love. That is unconditional, a love for a pal has its own conditions by which it is fulfilled. Love is what you reserve for that group of special ppl, by special i don't mean 50 best friends. Jus that select group, who dont have to be there to share every tear or every joy but you know...they are jus there..ready to be called upon ...like the proverbial genie in a bottle.
Taken from a nick I saw in msn: "A friend is who you can call upon to bail u out of jail, a best friend is who will join you for the ride sayin WOAH! that was fun!"

About as much as I can relate to, bottomline. Love has nothing to do with it. I love my hamster too, but that don't mean I can go break the ramp in his cage everytime it gets his leg caughter within the rungs right. I don have to prove my love. IT just is there. Unconditional. He knows it too. Thank god, he can't sms me n say "Look, I want to break off this r'ship, I think you're eyeing my best friend" ;)

Cheers. Adieu!

The Air Force: Above All

It's that time of year..no dammit not christmas, but year end vacation time. Where hapless undergrads go back for a month plus plus to work off some needed military experience in exchange for damn good money. Who wouldn't wanna go back? Just got fantastic news this morning, I'm going back to ADSD. That's in Yishun the spankin new set of white buildings at Chong Pang for those who dont know. Fantastic place...does it matter..damn right it matters when u can grab a MSG's ride every morning n evening back to ur house carpark; one of the main reasons why i hate working at Gombak.
Anyways..the story continues..I love what I do. I'm an ATC..that's air traffic controller for those who never watched a single documentary on 9/11, and the fuckin flop of a movie Tin Cup. Control, yeah....that's what its all about. Of course a power hungry megalomaniac like me would feel totally comfortable rattling off R/T [radio telephony] to pilots way up there. We can't see them (not with our eyes tho) but yet we take em up and bring em down. Safely! Yes, key word...safety...do ur job..but don do it like a fuckin klutz. Though the pilot may be a dickhead, he has a family a wife, a nicer car and a whole better pay package.
I been reading supernova's posts for quite a bit and his whole desire to kinda sign on. Let me put the Air Force perspective in short and sweet pictures. Look and learn:

What everyone wants to be...without knowin jack shit bout what the job entails.

Why does the RSAF website only have pics of pilots in fighter jets. Tsk Tsk.

The old Lie: Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori

The next best thing.

Sit at the back of an F16, do no flying, do all the shooting. Damn, sounds like a regular gamer's fantasy. Shoot the baddies, at Mach 1 ! Note to self: The pilot is right, no matter what.

The controller (Or the Pilot rejects, sometimes)

Now for all u dickheads who jus cannot fathom that a controller can be anything other than that fella holding that orange thang on that certain aircraft carrier, here's a brief introduction.

Chick above? Tower controller, supervises take off and landings of all aircraft within their base or airport whichever the case.

Me? Air traffic controller, use a radar which looks like this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So anyway, our job is to take control of the aircraft after it leaves the naked eye range of the tower controller. To bring them where they wanna go and take them back from wherever they wanna come from.

Others? Dog-fighters. Radar controllers who specialize in dog-fights between fighter jets. Very very fast paced, very very important. These are the guys u want next to u in all those "who pushes the button first gets to answer" gameshows.

And then these guys:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

What no one wants to be...

Don't kid me la...I know you guys jus hate it being there..But why? but why? Hmm...question for the Twillight Zone. Basically, Anti Aircraft guys, tough army life within the more refined Air Force manifold. Who knows...who knows...

So there goes, the review of all occupations that you can be an occifer in. Oh yeah, I didnt include the Logistics guys, well truth be told, i hate to comment on stuff i don know much bout. :)

For anything and everyting, well not everything you want to know bout my great employers, please feel free to visit them: RSAF.