It's time I spoke about local band Ronin, rising from oblivion this group of 5 rockers have taken local charts by storm with their new album and also delivered true rock n roll to audio conscious fans locally and Asia, soon the world.

Reason for this promotion, well the bass guitarist is ma BMT platoon mate Simon.
What I said bout him: " his pre-sleeping ritual of bathing....putting on his PT kit..and then jumping on his bed to hump it dRY..simon was always a livewire...can trust him to bring da humour on baby"
What he said bout me: "If i am a livewire,you're one fucking giant EMP cannon like the matrix shit"
[courtesy of Friendster testimonials]

Anyway, if you haven't caught any of these guys songs, the links are all on their webbie. Here, RONIN. Featured in the newspapers umpteen times in recent months following the release of their album, buy their merchandise, support the cause. Oh btw, Ronin does school concerts too, consider it their ahem "world" tour la..

Simon (center): Tryin hard to be "Shades" from The Wonders

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