Far East

Ah, today I traversed Orchard. The entire stretch from Somerset to Orchard MRT. Hmmm, ok not really entire stretch, didnt hit Lucky to Centrepoint, neither did I go beyond Wheelock, but yeah. Far enuf I say.

I hate Orchard by the way. Lotsa ppl love to hang out there, window shop, sip their coffee, eat some haagen daz, wash eyes. But I cannot take it. Immense pressure la, must comb hair nice nice must wear okok clothes, must not do anything too wacky. So many restrictions on my unbridled soul. ;)

Oh well, it was a trip down nostalgia walkin into Far EAst Plaza. Ne'er been there in a year and a half when I followed some KL friends shopping. But yeah, just the place itself. How it has changed. Old shops are no more, Suddenly ppl discovered a LEvel One, i.e. All u jap fashion mofos, come come set up shop area.

The ATM is suddenly missing, don know where the fuck it is. Prolly, the biggest surprise was the auntie at Jelita Minimart REMEMBERS me! Still! N the damn lady STILL asks me for my i/c, sheesh I'm practially towering over her now, as compared to sec 1 when I was only her height or shorter. HAHA.

The BK is good. Thank god the central fountain is gone. what a useless piece of equipment, all in all a much cleaner shopping complex, still with affordable great buys. I mean you can get ur haircut, eat a good meal, get a tattoo and still grab a cab home all from the same goddamn building. Oh yes, still have your daily filler of eye candy. If they decided to arrive at the same time.

Yes, missed the place. But no, don't want to be hanging there again. Some things are jus meant to be done at a certain age, and once u pass it, it doesnt bring the same thrill. I remember playing bowling with a green dustbin [BALL] and 10 Jim Beam bottles [PINS], ah, all in the past in front of the present day BK. Ah, at least I'll have my memories. Adieu!

P.S. The new font size good? Not? Comments...

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