The Air Force: Above All

It's that time of year..no dammit not christmas, but year end vacation time. Where hapless undergrads go back for a month plus plus to work off some needed military experience in exchange for damn good money. Who wouldn't wanna go back? Just got fantastic news this morning, I'm going back to ADSD. That's in Yishun the spankin new set of white buildings at Chong Pang for those who dont know. Fantastic place...does it matter..damn right it matters when u can grab a MSG's ride every morning n evening back to ur house carpark; one of the main reasons why i hate working at Gombak.
Anyways..the story continues..I love what I do. I'm an ATC..that's air traffic controller for those who never watched a single documentary on 9/11, and the fuckin flop of a movie Tin Cup. Control, yeah....that's what its all about. Of course a power hungry megalomaniac like me would feel totally comfortable rattling off R/T [radio telephony] to pilots way up there. We can't see them (not with our eyes tho) but yet we take em up and bring em down. Safely! Yes, key word...safety...do ur job..but don do it like a fuckin klutz. Though the pilot may be a dickhead, he has a family a wife, a nicer car and a whole better pay package.
I been reading supernova's posts for quite a bit and his whole desire to kinda sign on. Let me put the Air Force perspective in short and sweet pictures. Look and learn:

What everyone wants to be...without knowin jack shit bout what the job entails.

Why does the RSAF website only have pics of pilots in fighter jets. Tsk Tsk.

The old Lie: Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori

The next best thing.

Sit at the back of an F16, do no flying, do all the shooting. Damn, sounds like a regular gamer's fantasy. Shoot the baddies, at Mach 1 ! Note to self: The pilot is right, no matter what.

The controller (Or the Pilot rejects, sometimes)

Now for all u dickheads who jus cannot fathom that a controller can be anything other than that fella holding that orange thang on that certain aircraft carrier, here's a brief introduction.

Chick above? Tower controller, supervises take off and landings of all aircraft within their base or airport whichever the case.

Me? Air traffic controller, use a radar which looks like this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So anyway, our job is to take control of the aircraft after it leaves the naked eye range of the tower controller. To bring them where they wanna go and take them back from wherever they wanna come from.

Others? Dog-fighters. Radar controllers who specialize in dog-fights between fighter jets. Very very fast paced, very very important. These are the guys u want next to u in all those "who pushes the button first gets to answer" gameshows.

And then these guys:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

What no one wants to be...

Don't kid me la...I know you guys jus hate it being there..But why? but why? Hmm...question for the Twillight Zone. Basically, Anti Aircraft guys, tough army life within the more refined Air Force manifold. Who knows...who knows...

So there goes, the review of all occupations that you can be an occifer in. Oh yeah, I didnt include the Logistics guys, well truth be told, i hate to comment on stuff i don know much bout. :)

For anything and everyting, well not everything you want to know bout my great employers, please feel free to visit them: RSAF.


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