It's over.

How fast these posts fly... As quickly as I rage, as quickly it subsides. I owe it all to a 14 year old boy, the mistake by birth, a treasure now. He calmly explained that just like India and Pakistan, some people just don get along. And there are the border areas, where contact is made, albeit with dangerous stares and weapons all a swinging. I didnt ask for this to happen, it jus did. I didnt raise you, you raised your own bloody ego thinking your nuts were bigger than mine.

Now, all bruised ribs, black eyes, broken glass in foot over the years later. You come to me? you come to me...and think you are my equal? You'll never be. I am rash and filled with angst. I explode and implode in mere seconds. It is my strength yet it is my weakness. By sms you apologize? Hmm..wat next...write me a love letter. Is it not obvious enough, I just dont like you. Not since you were born. You to me are nothing, you don't matter. I will not save you even if you were a random stranger drowning in a pool of water. I'll be one of those who looks on and calls the cops.

This could have been you. It was not. Your luck WILL run out someday. And when you realize you're all alone at the end of the day with nary a friend or sibling or fuck buddy to console you. You will jump. I know you will take the coward's way out. But seriusly, I wont shed a tear, nor attend nor give your grieving widow money [If you do get to that stage]. I close this chapter today. No more. I don't want any more.

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