Theme Nights

Theme nights are getting all the more popular these days. But then again, as far as I've seen, only long standing places with loyal followings or an entirely expatriate crowd can attempt to pull off fancy dress or themed parties. Namely, Zouk, the Ang Moh joints at Boat Quay like urmz Penny Black and of course ubiquitous Cheeky Monkeys. Not a blatant ad for the club, but just my take on the various theme nights that have transpired since.

I enjoy themes, no, I dont dress up. HAHA. Anyone who knows me knows that it's not because I fear embarassment cos heck, I travel in a cab wherever I go, but its just cos i'm plain darn ole lazy. The laziest mofo I am, wouldnt even wear a mask for Halloween cos it would greatly hamper my drinking potential.

Cheekys...hmmm nowadays it seems that any kid of the 17-18 region who needs to break their club-virginity ends up there. Fair enough. STOP! Don't. Don't spoil the blardy market can or not. We just want to go there chill, shoot our pools, let the ones who dance dance and of course eyewash women of OUR age. Not girls, not infants but ladies and women. However, during theme nights, it seems even mothers of 2 become coy,childish schoolgirls. Is it the free alcohol that floats around? Nah, I think its the boisterous carryin of the event by the staff of the place. Namely, credit to Ray and Max, superpower Bartenders not afraid to do anything and everything with their body, ahem.

My favourite 4 of this year:

1. Austin Powers Night

Awesome! Fuckin Shaggadelic. I have completely forgotten what was drunk or said that night, just the sight of good ole fren Ganesh in Old Fat Bastard garb was enough to keep me entertained the whole night. Oh yeah, this was the night where ahem MILF was galore. Ah, but that tale for another day.

2. Mexican Night

Viva La raza baby! Tequila was flowing out of the coffers like liquid gold. I tell you, there was no time to look at Man U lose on the big screen [I'm serius, check the records] and the bartop chicitas AND the drunken fucks stumbling into your field of vision. Hmmm, was darn blardy packed. Its at these times I wish I can just smuggle in that badminton court umpire chair from my neighbourhood.

3. Halloween

All stops were pulled out for this year's halloween. My third one there in fact.The entire space outsid ethe clubs was used to create such a dark morbid atmosphere. IT was scary la I tell you, you step into this darkness illuminated only by glow in the dark stickers and suddenly the doorman who has his Darth Maul mask says hi. WOah..go slow there.. I still need to drink before I die of shock. ;)

Kudos to all the people who came with costumes, special praise to this group of 5 TP students, no idea who they were, but yeah they jus trawled club after club after club parading their costumes..haha.

4. Foam Party

I would have included the Beach Party too, but alas I didnt attend. Foam or beach, same concept. This year's foam was like wah lau eh, overboard right! Haha, quite unlike Vibes Foam parties for those who still remember Vibes where I received my clubbin education amidst Wednesday G-String nites, yes there wasnt no ladies nights then, just nights where if you clamber up the bar top and take off your G string, you'd get a free jug. Boy was that wild. ;)

Anyway, this is how it works with the regulars at Beach/Foam parties. Element in abundance? Water. Element in abundance, easily attainable at the taps of the bar? Water. Everyone is alert, everyone's on the look out. We jus wait and wait with jugs full of plain water..for just one unsuspecting clown and booooooooosh. He gets the full water treatment. I've been soo drenched that they've even not let me into an after party club cos they thought Iw as wet after washing up my own puke.

Did I mention, we use water guns too. I like water guns. U jus wait and wait for some drunken fuck who wouldnt know a dick from his toe to walk past and jus blast. Super Soaker 1 - Drunken Fuck Nil.

While I immerse in the fumes of my cigarette which is burning down to my fingers now, see photogs from all these past events and more.

At least credit to photography team, I'm in 3 of them. Mwahahaha. Page Loads can take quite some time, have some patience. I hate FLASH! Cheeky Monkeys.


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