Domino: Blew me away

I jus finished watching Domino. The ultimate spoilt-brat grows up to be grunge, gritty, no nonsense bounty hunter movie. Awesome....For those of you guys who have yet to be introduced to the profession of bounty hunting, go read up. Solid!
Yet, wouldnt work in Singapore though, I mean... if u jump bail, where the hell u gonna run? From Changi to Jurong? You'd be screwed by a nosy cop doing "routine" screening anyday. Wanna leave the country?
Fat hope.... the minute u do shit like this u're red-flagged. So that leaves urm, Pulau Ubin, a sand dump in Siloso Beach, or jus hookin up ur knickers and swimming across to Batam. Try to avoid the oil supertankers will ya..heard they're a real bitch when hit.
Here she is:

Yeah....what a babe! Keira Knightley, she was the Queen's Decoy in Star Wars Phanthom Menace and also the main chick in Pirates of the Caribbean, Indian chick's friend in Bend it like Beckham. Hot stuff, hotter still in this film. A full 2 hrs long, catch it with an open mind and a desire for abstract dialogue. [Somewhere in the film, a priest appears out of nowhere and talks a whole lotta bullshit in the desert].

Just remember, when she becomes the teenage sex symbol she rightly should be, pinned onto ur bedroom walls, U heArd it Here First. ;) Salaam.

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