Jealousy. Need I say more, I feel it. U feel it. Gosh, even a pet dog feels it when it sees you paying more attention to someone else. But, how much of it is truly warranted, truly worthwhile?

I'm a fuckin jealous guy, ask all my gfrens. No one's gonna refute it, well not to the point of insanity but yet yeah, I think if you care enough to want to protect someone/thing to keep it yours, you'd get jealous too of any externalities. Hmm, econs term, I'm sorry exams are over I shall cut this intellectual crap and get back to my roots.

I know a girl. She's just a friend, well you could say better than a friend. Somehow or rather, we're pretty close now, as in call her at anytime of the day and ask for my whereabouts and you'd hit the jackpot. Vice versa. She talks to dozens of men besides me too, I do urmz exercise a bit of caution to the wind to her about those matters but otherwise, I dont have sleepless nights thinking of who she'd be talkin to if not me. I don't get angry she's talking to other men, it's a jealousy thing. Not I'm jealous of you stealing my precious baby but jealous that you are more worth the time. ;)

Do you get the scenario? That was something where jealousy kinda just creeps in and is probably not justified [as with her behaviour when I talk to women]. It's was just a matter of worth and time and should have been talked out directly. [Something you badly need to learn..directness]. Time is by far the most expensive commodity in the world. Put that on the share markets, Buffet!

Now, the second is where it could be justified. Let us examine. I had a gfren, yes la who hadn't. Well point in question, I had. Therefore I is single. Booya! Anyway, my gfren wasn't even in the same country as me. She in M'sia, I here, and no, she's not someone who runs free in the plantations, she went to KL to an Aussie Uni cos living expenses are cheaper there than in Melbourne. Well, she had this MSN buddy, some Brit fuck, I didnt care didnt mind till I realize that she pours her deepest darkest secrets to this clown, some unknown entity [unless by webcam is equal to known] who would/wouldnt use it for his own nefarious means.

As a partner, damn right I'm jealous. No one goes all lovey dovey and hunny/sweetie/baby on my gfren but me and not only online but thru sms? Yeah its a typical tamilan reaction, but if by that it means doing the manly thing then damn right I'm tamilan. Due to this externality, things did take a turn for the worse. Her defence: "After all I'm never gonna see him, he's no threat..really !". We did break up. They both did meet up. And now are married and living in the UK. Bwaahaha. Fitting ending? I say fitting jealousy.

Sometimes, you go thru life and certain things hit you instinctively. You probably have a rough idea how warm blooded males and females react [pontianaks and djinns out of the question]. So, when something still pricks you instinctively, what do u do...what do u do?

You react. Cos it's the right thing to do. With jealousy, with anger, with compassion, with pride, with love and of course with humanity. You react. Show em what you're made of. If there's anything that validates your puny existence in this overwhelming planet.

For you baby: Don't fret... I jus speak words. If you think we still connect, then don't be distant. IT pisses me off a lot. If you insist, then be gone. Make this distance wider, I'll ask Moses to come down part the friggin Siloso lagoon for ya. ;)


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