Of Love and War

Today, a good friend, closer day by day, pointed out to me that relationships are all about how much you love that person. True?
Her source was from a philosopher of the early centuries, and as distrusting as I am, I didnt bother to immerse my total belief in just the words of one source. My way is simple as the toll-free highway [u heard me..fuck ERP], what you hear...if u see it happen then u can believe. If what you hear u never see it happening anywhere or it isnt proven by anyone's actions in your entire existence, then that's all that it is. A baseless theory. Mathematics theories can be proven, psychological theories? Leave it to the experts I say, unless of course they lean towards the institution that provided them the sponsorship grant in the first place.

I totally believe relationships are split into 2 very distinct groups. [3 actually..but i couldnt be bothered to expound on the 3rd one cos you jus wont get it, unless you are a psychology major, neither am i]

1.The ones you cant run away from.
Family and relations. Some bonds are set the moment the doctor slaps your ass n realizes you arent a still born. Relations are prickly cos they jus don know how to mind their own fuckin business, I know this by self-example. I'm totally estranged from my father's side of the family, unless me and my 2 cousins meet up in the clubs or something. Family, ah, the thorn in most teens' sides. The world might turn upside down but you can never say that person is NOT my father/mother/brother/sister. Heck, there are loads of documents proving otherwise. Love em or hate em...u cant ignore them. Perhaps thats what makes us cherish them in a sort of way. They're there when we need them most, aloof when we dont. No matter what the fuck happens, no one CAN leave, and that jus makes the bond a whole lot stronger cos you learn to stick thru it thick and thin like an "ideal" marriage should be. Is this based on love then? Since there's an unbreakable bond already. What good or bad does love do, the r'ship is there to stay!

2. The ones you have a choice on : Friends
Friend is such a big diverse group, I should have dived in further and produced more categories, alas my 1st order differential equations is also calling for my attention. Friend, acquaintance, best friend, girlfriend,boyfriend, fuck mate, hang out buddy. Anything and everything, come in all shapes, all sizes, all kinds of attitudes. Is this r'ship based on love then? The same friend who instructed me on the teachings of an ancient philosopher, also told me that no matter what and who she quarrels with about, it all depends on the love she had/will have for the person which results in how she ultimately views the r'ship. If you ask me, utter crap. Friends are expendable. Simple truth. Expendable to the point where you can quarrel over the most minute of things and also the most major of things. In primary school, we fight cos someone took our things, didnt let us play the game with them, stole our canteen money, cut our queue. Yeah, it's that simple to lose a friend when you're sub-12 years old. In sec school, whole lotta other issues. The opposite sex, cliques, even CCAs for that matter. I know of an entire hockey team and basketball team of a school come to blows before even though both the captains were best buddies since pri school.
Then Jc/Poly..whatever other tertiary institutions you clowns belong to. This time things change to be a bit more intellectual.It's no more bout the friends you choose but whether those friends share your thoughts too. You kinda delve more into your self, become a more ideological person, form your own values and prefer to live it by those principles.
[of course i'm not referring to all ya idiots who jus go yes-sir, yes-ma'am...this post wasnt for you in the first place. thanks for reading so long...now u may get the fuck out]
Any of the above gotta do with love. What the fuck is love? 85% of you guys have no idea what is is with the exception of paternal/maternal/sibling love. That is unconditional, a love for a pal has its own conditions by which it is fulfilled. Love is what you reserve for that group of special ppl, by special i don't mean 50 best friends. Jus that select group, who dont have to be there to share every tear or every joy but you know...they are jus there..ready to be called upon ...like the proverbial genie in a bottle.
Taken from a nick I saw in msn: "A friend is who you can call upon to bail u out of jail, a best friend is who will join you for the ride sayin WOAH! that was fun!"

About as much as I can relate to, bottomline. Love has nothing to do with it. I love my hamster too, but that don't mean I can go break the ramp in his cage everytime it gets his leg caughter within the rungs right. I don have to prove my love. IT just is there. Unconditional. He knows it too. Thank god, he can't sms me n say "Look, I want to break off this r'ship, I think you're eyeing my best friend" ;)

Cheers. Adieu!

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