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This is not a storybook, for those of you have not been introduced to *ahem* non-ficiton yet. Also, do not look for a tell all expose on how 9/11 came to be. This is in depth analysis of all Middle Eastern/European/Asian/African countries which came to be involved in the greatest web of all time, Islamic Extremism. From way back to present day, meet the top dogs, the plans that succeeded and failed, and of course the hand that mujahideen Bin Ladin played in the entire theatre.

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The Haj is fiction chronicling a young boy's birth and then his journey thru his adulthood. Great in depth research by Uris will describe to you exactly how the state of Israel came to be and of course present day Israel-Palestine conflicts. Also, learn of plots to take down that tiny nation of Israel as compared to their nemesis neighbours and how at the end of the day, the Jews cannot be shaken off their pedestal.

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