A guide to why I spend every waking minute after my exams, glued to my computer screen except for smoke/pee breaks. Not even bothering to trawl town. Anime. Explained the ah-neh way.

What I was watching last year: Initial D 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/Extra Stage. Movie [2005].

What it's about:

The maniacal world of street car racing otherwise known to us only thru the eyes of The Fast And The Furious. Specializing in mountain roads, racers perfect the art of drifting [a specialized technique used to hug tight corners and hairpin curves]

Watch it for:

Learn anything and everything about driving. Pros and cons of street racing and the amount of brains it takes to be a racer, No ah Pek not you with that toyota corona and the "HIRED" sign. The sheer technical knowledge will astound you. From suspensions to carburettors, from turbo engines to 4WDs.

What I was watching last semester: Naruto [Currently Episode 160 as of today]

What its about:

The exploits of main character Naruto and his fellow ninjas as they pursue "the way of the ninja". Sudden and unpredictable plot twists engage you all the way. Friends become foes, enemies become allies, kids grow up to be intelligent albeit missing out on the maturity part, adults.

Watch it for:

Learn all you need to know about ancient Japan. The code of the samurai, though the movie is about ninjas. Ninja techniques, special skills and powers. Certain characters are also named to coincide with legendary heroes from ancient Japanese history during the days where samurai and ninja reigned supreme. Also watch for Tsunade's [she becomes the head ninja in the middle] huge tits. Makes you wonder if ninjas get down to the dirty dirty in the midst of it all or not.

What I am watching now: Bleach [Currently Episode 59 as of today]

What it's about:

A boy, couple of his friends and his family develop the ability to see ghosts. Good and bad. The good are sent to Soul Society ,something like heaven but far from it. The bad are called Hollows and need to be killed by Death Gods or they will continue preying on innocent human souls. All the characters have suffered some loss or another to Hollows. Ichigo, the protagonist, attains powers of a Death God thru weird means and battles to save his friend from execution. Meanwhile, there is a thick plot to undermine the political structure in the ranks of Soul Society. Gripping if not for the fuckin young punks who do their kawaiiii style speech sometimes. ;)

Watch it for:

Learn about the Spirit World. Especially from a nation where 95% of the population practise Shinto. Learn about netherworlds, happyworlds and special powers you have never thought of. If you think Tarantino is an ace director, the fella who directed this series has gotta be on par if not better, so well taken the anime is.

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