Why are we afraid? Masks.

Instalment 1 of the Guest Wordsmith series :

Ms. Nazreen

It is strange.we keep trying to mimic the westerners with their thinkin and dressing.but somehow most of us are still afraid to show who they truly are. Some pretend to be someone they are not, hoping that by being what others want them to be they would be much happier. But are they?
We keep putting on mask after mask. Will there ever be a point in our life where there is totally no mask at all? How would we realize if the one we claim is our identity is not a mask after all?why is it we live in a world where the thoughts and opinions of others dictate our lives? Thoughts are beyond our control. it just flows in and out of one's mind..so why do we get so affected by the thoughts and opinions of others? Now aren't we all guilty of, putting a little more effort in our appearance just so that we look pleasant not just to ourselves but to others? Why are we allowing others to define what is acceptable?
Yes of coz for work there's like a certain form of expectation and all but dun we put a little more effort than wat is expected (at least once) just so that others would not condemn us? Im guilty of that. i know some who're skinny and decide to wear real baggy clothes just so that others wun realize that they are skinny.. and those who are more fleshy who wear real covered clothes becoz they are shy to show that extra layer.. come on people..this is your body.. why be shy and embarrassed of it? Do u think anyone in the world has the exact body as yours?
Your body is a masterpiece. just like your mind..it's the only one its kind..so why are u hiding it?why cant you dress for yourself? and not to please someone else?why dun you say whats on your mind rather than just think.. 'so and so wun like me'.
If a person likes you for the pretend you and not the real you.. then its like liking another person altogether. if you keep putting on different masks all the time.. and sometimes several masks a time.. you just might lose you.. the reflection in the mirror might not reflect you anymore... i always say you can be whoever you want to be..yes.. but be true to yourself. if you dun start loving yourself.. how can u expect others to?

"Some people carry to such perfection the mask they have assumed that in due course they actually become the person they seem."

- Somerset Maugham

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