Paradigm Shifts

How do you shift paradigms? What the hell is a paradigm? Why do all the big fuck speeches always involve this phrase as if without saying it the speech wouldn't sound half as important?

A paradigm is simply a set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them. Basically what you assume about what is over there, what you need to do when it is over there and what could be over here. Got it?

Now you shift it. All along till yesterday, you thought your uncle was Archangel Gabriel. Today it shifts to believing he could be a sex fiend preying on your pretty little ass and titties whenever he gives you that traditional hug-and-squeeze combo each time he comes over.

In my workplace, stuff like procedures, "the way we do things around here" and rules and regulations are so common place people take it for granted that it HAS to be there. So now and then, people do flag up stuff that they feel is totally redundant. Stuff that is done for aeons cos "this is the way things are done" that wastes time, energy and most of all the effective hours one spends at work. It's like what I do each night I stay over. Staying over AWAITING a crisis that has a 0.000001 chance of happening that night.

Perhaps the greatest barrier to a paradigm shift, in some cases, is the reality of paradigm paralysis, the inability to see beyond the current models of thinking

Of course, people bring it up from time to time. Only to be faced with the "oldies" who cite the "history" of why things are done this way. Yes, I'm aware too that some checks and balances come about with every new cock up by a human being over the years. Deal with it. Humans are naturally dumb. And the smarter ones will end up ruling the dumb ones. So shall we keep checking and restricting our way, narrowing it to just a pinhole with the vast darkness around it as a safety buffer just cos some prick managed to not think straight and logically in the 1980s? Move with the times woman! And no, it is not particularly helpful or even rewarding to you when you bitch like us and when we question "so how? can you do anything about it since you know the history and geography and the literature penned about this issue?" and you go: "This is not the time to rock the boat".

Roobs put out some fine lines on the matriarch. I've been meaning to KLKopykat them for ages. Here's my opportunity:

i don't think i've been endowed with the innate capacity to handle so many eff ups in the span of one day,nor play the smiley yes man to the matronly authoritative figure,but i guess thats why i'm not fit to the dimensions of a civil service scholarship,not like there are extensive private sector scholarships anyway.stifling bureaucracy is when unflexible old guard is still seen as old gold.this is not the ageist speaking,but the realist speaking out against authoritarianism that does not meet the needs of efficiency,a paradox since authoritarianism is supposed to breed efficiency and subservience to the old guard,something that the civil service is certainly not doing,look at the attrition rate.
Can I safely assume now that to shift paradigms you gotta wield power as a minimum start state? Can wee lil' matchstick heads actually burn your house down? To answer your question, Dear Y, on my apparent lack of ambition and waste of potential. I am in here still, in fact on the eve of my ding-dong duty onset, cos I think someone needs to put this right. I'm not gonna change it overnight. But I damn well can do what I can and it will make an impact. Don't forget, I operate by the power of the people. I don't need to hug trees or go fly out to the Dark Continent and give out condoms and medicines a la your way of doing something with your life. I don't need to be raking in the moolah now too, it channels in just fine by itself [but you fellas really gotta post the fuckin cheques quicker!] without me having to guide it.

This paradigm thing worries me only when you are realistic in realizing that all humans are averse to change. Change being such a voracious animal and humans will always play out the gazelle in "gazelle versus pride of lions". The first few weeks I spent here last November resulted in: "He ah, never does his work swee swee. But still wanna kan people when they fuck up". This be the resistance to change. When you throw out redundancy and actually bother to ask: "Why ARE we doing this? Isn't it a job that we DON'T have to do? Don't do it just cos you've been doing it for ages or were taught to. Go have a fink about it, you batti boy."

I guess we start little by little. I went to bed the other night in the bunk [10 beds long, 2 beds wide] and the stereo was switched on. I figured it wasn't going to affect me dreary self and I would soon be speaking to God [was afraid cos we haven't spoken so long] that I just pulled up the standard green blankie, set the alarm and slept. The next dude that comes in to sleep is my driver. So, he sees me asleep and the stereo on. Thinking that I WANTED the stereo on. He left it on, no matter that he is not a really a person who can sleep with music and tried his best to snooze. Another dude enters the fray. This be my assistant. Now he sees 2 blokes sleeping with the stereo on. Again, this assumption that we both needed the music on makes him try to sleep through a very uncomfortable night cos everytime there is a rock song played, at least 2 of us toss and turn to find a better position to shut out the fuckin music.

There you have it. A basic paradigm. Shift yours while you can. Not all artists are creative and not all writers can write. For that matter, not all idiots are truly stupid, and not all professors know it all.

I found a great powerpoint on how paradigms [and stupidity] are created. Download it off here.

“Our paradigm now seems to be: Something terrible happened to us on September 11, and that gives us the right to interpret all future events in a way that everyone else in the world must agree with us. And if they don't, they can go straight to hell.” - Bill Clinton [attempting to confuse the world into thinking that was NOT how the U.S. of A has been operating for the past 232 years]

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