Tai Ler Dirt Den

And I broke her heart with:

All the ways you wish you could be, that's me. I look like you wanna look, I fuck like you wanna fuck, I am smart, capable, and most importantly, I am free in all the ways that you are not.

To the dude who continously asks me when I'm gonna leave this organization:

You're not your job. You're not how much money you have in the bank. You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet. You're not your fucking khakis. You're the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.

The misguided bloke who thinks he is happy where he is:

In the world I see - you are stalking elk through the damp canyon forests around the ruins of Rockefeller Center. You'll wear leather clothes that will last you the rest of your life. You'll climb the wrist-thick kudzu vines that wrap the Sears Tower. And when you look down, you'll see tiny figures pounding corn, laying strips of venison on the empty car pool lane of some abandoned superhighway

And then she said [almost verbatim, that made it all the more scarier]:

There are things about you that I like. You're smart, you're funny, you're spectacular in bed. But you're intolerable! You have very serious emotional problems. Deep seated problems for which you should seek professional help.

When in doubt, seek out Tyler Durden.



MystiKaL said...

I hope you took a picture of you doing those Lvl 21 wings.. Before and after!

ah_neh said...

check out FB baby. all there. i fuckin teared.