Cab Convo

I have this inclination to get along with cab drivers. As long as they are not blur cunts and a half, un-tortoise like in speed and do not exhibit any signs of gross unhygiene.

The opening gambit with whatever tale is definitely to set the tone that I know exactly what the bloke is grumbling about since my pops is a cab driver too. Just last week from Marine Parade to AMK, I met one such man.


Ex-minimart owner who realized that just because the tills are full doesn't mean the wallets are full after all the accounting is done.

Has 1 son who graduated in sports psychology, is based in Aussie and requests for truckloads of Maggi Mee to be shipped to him each month cos food is so expensive over there.

Has 1 daughter who works in DHL and handles the shipping, free.

Has dreams of God, Tua Pek Kong in particular and through these dreams has amassed a cumulative total of $1 million in 4D winnings to date.

A portion of our conversation in these 2 videos. Darkness cloaks his identity. Other topics that we discussed were:

1. China women and how they make taxi drivers go bankrupt.

2. Kelong in soccer.

3. The Singapore Government.

4. How to constantly cuss in Hokkien and make it seem au naturale. My kinda guy. Everybody now, Nabei Cheebai! KNN.

And so my esteemed audience, it is my sincere belief that in order to show off the true flavour of our nation. The kaleidoscope that is us. We should employ all cab drivers as the designated tour guides. The ideal travelogue option would be to sit through a 1 hour coffeeshop chat with one of these highly intellectual and prized individuals and not to sit on open-top buses to be brought to public attractions that have definitely seen better days.

This was my 1 hour chat [paid by him of course, AFTER a steep discount on my fare]:

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Rajah said...

Don't end up getting accused by the cabbie of "spiking" his coffee...and then...:P