Job Titillation

Ok, here's a brain knocking competition for you. You know how a lift operator can be a multi level systems engineer? And others in the same vein.

Well, have a go at these job descriptions and give me out of the world job titles. Place answers in comments section. For inspiration to kick start your noggin, go over THESE first.

Job Description 1

- Interpret accounts and use trend and ratio analyses
- Manage the company’s cash flow
- Keep financial records and prepare year-end financial statements for shareholders
- Ensure checks and balances in the financial system

Job Description 2

- Prepare lessons that engage and stimulate students
- Monitor students’ social development through counselling and working with parents and other partners
- Plan and facilitate co-curricular activities, programmes and school functions

Job Description 3

- Design and code instructions in a suitable computer programming language
- Write documentation that describes installation and opening procedures
- Work with system designers to debug or correct errors in the code
- Produce a list of program functions for users to follow

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