Bucket Shitlist

Let's do lists.

1. Freerice.com is a good site. Not because it donates grains of rice to the impoverished bloated [surprising how you get fatter i.e. bloat when you don't eat enough. Scary for ultimate dieters], but because you get to play a uber cool vocabulary game. Try it. I am hovering around Level 40. Really gets you crashing down to earth knowing that 40 is probably the median level across the globe. Damn, my language sucks.

2. Bucket List with 2 old men who have seen and made them all in the short years I've spent growing up. Both have cancer. Both are now on their "Kick the Bucket List". Cliched list of stuff you wanna do when you have nothing to lose and want to leave this life thinking you have made an impact and have seen it all.

They travel all over the fuckin world seeing sights they never would have if they didn't write this list. Even Hongkong, though for what I had no idea. No one spoke about Singapore ever. But seriously, if you would want to do something before you died, most probably your list would be filled with natural wonders. The mountains in the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China, the grasslands of Africa and the Grand Canyon. These are tangible surroundings providing intangible feelings. What the hell would you come to Singapore for? A question for the STB to answer probably. IS there really anything here that someone close to death would want to come and see or do before he passes away? Is anything here befitting of a sense of achievement? Breakfast with Ah Meng probably is the best a CIVIL SERVANT will come up with. But the other orang utans got together and poisoned him with arsenic slowly. Booyakasha.

I hate fucking movie reviews that go on and on about the plot, the build up, the character developments and even the wardrobe. Crap. Here're some quotes. Cos the script is the only thing that makes a movie, period.

When Freeman disagrees with Nicholson on something:

Edward Cole: The sequel was like that. She never backed me up on anything.
Carter Chambers: The sequel?
Edward Cole: The second Mrs Edward Cole.
[Carter rolls his eyes]
Edward Cole: Hell, that woman hated me.
Kyle the parachutist: Maybe because you called her the sequel.

In an ought-to-be emo scene, Nicholson's assistant speaks:

Thomas: I'm proud of you.
Edward Cole: Nobody cares what you think.

When discussing reincarnation and how people move either up/down a step through their different births:

Edward Cole: What does a snail have to do to reincarnate? Leave the perfect trail of slime?


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