Sundal Sunday

1. I told Rakoon to open the shop at 830 am. He tells me he wants to do it at 845 cos he wanted to be a prick. Fine, go ahead. Then why the hell was I woken up at 7 am?

R: Bro, send the vehicle, I'm at the gate.
S: Huh? What? [why is my hand in my pants?]
R: Come lei.
S: I'll think about it. Don't disturb me.

But I can't really pull off "asshole" when I've just woken. Yukio Mishima fresh in my mind [book conveniently lifted from O Mess, not to be confused with the prostituted O Drive]. Crazy ass delusional motherfucker. Like me.

Apologies Alvin. For making you make the trip. I hope your morning breath wasn't too infective.

2. The mum's birthday is today. Filial piety frothed to the brim, in the mouth out the nostrils at about 7 am, the witching hour. So, she thanks me for my early wishes and asks me what I want for breakfast. Prata was the call. Soon, Tay [the beached whale in the Del Mar pics] asks what I would like for breakfast too. The cliched "1 set of anything and coffee".

I got 2 egg pratas. I come home to 4 more waiting for me. I need a petal shower. Kuan Yin hates my guts.

3. Ruby is being quite emo about getting late in-times. He ought to stop. The probability is quite even that one of the 3 gets to do it. But of course, for it to happen on a Monday needs some intervention to hit the 33% jackpot.

Hope you like the damn thing Mumbly. I had to bring it in from the States.

In happier times. Actually, it was my alleged "farewell" day.
Work the moment, bitch.


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