Mooting Morals

Betrayal. There, i was thinking the whole night on the most appropriate word to utilize in yesterday's scenario. I bet the protagonist doesn't think it was betrayal, it'd be the last thing to occur to her.

Here's the sorry ass tale for all you voyeurs who relish your 5 min peek into my exciting life.

Let me be A and let 2 others be B and C. Let the onlooker be D.

So, with A's instructions, B and C carry out something. There was possibly a thin, very thin line of risk of involved. In our speak, it wasn't a double condom operation. So, B goes away thinking nothing's wrong. C was concerned just a lil bit but not enough to raise a big hoo haa over. Enter D.

D being a level up from me manages to work the word "uncomfortable". And she worked it in her post-op phone calls to B and C that effectively managed their conversion from "nothing happened ma.." to "oh! now that WAS uncomfortable. you for real?".

Who's the bullseye? A.

Now consider that A and D work together whereas B and C are calafare other beings. Why the need to push your opinion and moral issues onto another who is your own colleague, effectively changing the opinion of history.

I give up. Positive negative lesson learnt: If you got an opinion that MIGHT bring another down, just keep it to yourself till you reach for the beer or the fags. No one is paying you to be their moral compass.

"I'd love to answer that question Sir, but it's not within my pay grade to do so" - 1WO XXX


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