Kiss Me Fuck Me

You know those chicks, the ones who THINK they're hard to get, and project it so. And then, in the process of knowing them, they often come up with big time requests for favours. Thing is, someone must have brought them aside in Pri 3 behind the tuckshop to instruct them exactly how to ask for something, someone doesn't have or doesn't have the authority to pull off without breaking a few million laws and legal statutes along the way.

Like asking a pauper for a diamond ring. Or asking a cop to NOT write a ticket and switching on his siren while giving you a lift from Palais Renaissance down to The Excelsior. You get what I mean.

When asked by one of these women for a potentially career killing favour:

She: How about it? Off the record?
Me: Usually I like to get kissed before I get fucked.


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