2 Degree Kelvin

Maybe you've got the wrong idea about the previous post. Quoting myself: "ONLY in Singapore and ONLY the PAP can muster and successfully conduct this sorta pay hike in the same calendar year of a GST hike".

There wasn't an ounce of sarcasm involved in this statement cos it is truly what I believe. Upon the breaking of the news that civil service salaries were going to be reviewed, I was a sceptic Singaporean too.

All that vanished with a wisp of air and Viceroy smoke clouds upon hearing the MM say his piece in a recorded interview in Australia and his subsequent beating down verbally of Low Thia Kiang in Parliament. Truth is, you don't fuck with the old man unless you are in the right and see things on the same perspective and have the facts and figures to prove it. Even then, be prepared, he is one of the greatest minds ever to be born in this island nation.

In fact, in a battle the WP cannot win [i.e. to put a halt to the salary revisions], they should have taken the first step even before the PM did to donate their increase in MP allowance back to their district's poor and elderly. Now this would have been a "political stunner". Yet, when it comes to the intelligence department, we can only stand back and admire the way the PM has run the game so far.

Read his speeches, there are soo many remnants and nuances that are unique to his father alone.

The point regarding ONLY in Singapore might something like this occur is quite accurate as we as a people do not KNOW how to riot and we'd rather not. This is the power of fear instilled by the Police Force and the judicial system in us and it's only right that the authority that guards social safety and security inspires such feelings in its people. The cops can never be your friends. No matter how hard you push grassroots involvement by the Men In Blue.

People need to fear the law and fear the law we will. The bonus is that belonging to a country of Asian descent with traditional values entrenched in our mindset, police is still a taboo word in our households. Heck, even if we lost our bicycle, we would have been chided for asking our folks if we should make a police report. The cover up to mask their innate dislike to communicate with the cops would instead spur them onto a 2 hour lecture on why we should have been careful in the first place.

PM Lee also brought up a point that clinched it for me. Upon hearing this, I truly and sincerely believed that "Yes, it is only right that these blokes are paid well". And it had nothing to do with corruption in the ranks.

PM said that if Singapore Inc. was a company and listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. Then, following the average price-to-earnings [P/E] ratio of 20, it's market cap would actually be in the range of 4 trillion.

You find me a Fortune 500 company ruled by it's share price and market fluctuations that has a market cap of 4 trillion. But yet, even when the richest companies in the world even can't hope to smell the fart of a trillion, their CEOs still walk away with Golden Parachutes all the time. Especially those who screw up on the job!

Thus, isn't it only fair? That the safe keepers of our country's finances and reserves deserve to take home a little more. I mean it's already 3 million. Just 'tambah nasi' a bit more only what. Peanuts.


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