None Came First

Now, I'll give it to you if you aint a zoology major or a person who insists on being anally retentive over everything you read.

Joke last published was utter crap. Assuming the egg was female [very possible, unless dealing with egg heads] and the chicken was male [you see the fallacy now?], it could have worked.

Alas, assumptions are the mother of all fuck ups. A chicken is female. You could take a lesbian angle to the whole thing though. It might still sound funny.



ah_neh said...


Ugra Chandi said...

What if the chicken was a rooster pre-op MTF?

rustycornbeef said...

this chicken-egg thing always arouses very untoward emotions in me.

the chicken came first. it had to get laid before the egg could.


Aarthi said...

so then why do we wrap the chicken patty with egg in the ramly burger huh? i knew these malaysian people discovered the Holy Grail way before the rest of us! We are enlightened!