Full Pancakes

The Miss Singapore Universe pageant is afoot and the teasers with contestants spouting obviously rehearsed lines are really getting to us. Yes, yes, we are at the mercy of local TV, only switching it off when we realize whatever is playing at 4 am is the repeat telecast of what we watched at 4 pm [Ellen Show].

In the latest teaser, The Flying Dutchman voices over and lends a whole new meaning to glorifying people with regards to foodstuff. Listen very carefully when you hear these words:

"Beauty...Blah blah...Blah blah....
They have the full PANCAKE"

Package Vs. Pancake

We kid you not and are quite appalled that we're the only ones in Singapore who have managed to catch on to this. So, the next time the ad plays, listen hard and someone please throw FD these digits for his pancakes, since we're practically living off that stuff in recent days: 6777 3777.

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nAl said...

maybe he was referring to their make-up?

ah_neh said...

yeah right. the man obviously fucked up. and it's playing over and over again!