I'm not sure if you've been here long enough to recall this. Seemed a good time to bring it u again espcially when the Gahmen is sieving through "New Age Media". So too the MDA.

Story was simple. Young JC boy went a tad bit overboard on his by-chance excursion to the domain of Vasantham Central. He proceeded to show off some artistic flair. And then I came along.

Read THIS, the reply HERE and the finale HERE.

In recent days however, this blog here received quite a few hits from a site I've never seen before. Curious curious. Lo and behold, the one we shut down has actually emerged from the ashes and even found out that it was MY doing. Auw.

That it took a whole year, I won't bother to comment on the expanse of the Ingterneck. Still, the RJ boy speaketh HERE, circa Mar 2007.


aphrodite said...

And he closeth the blog again..the sad wimp!

ah_neh said...


so hard to find people online meh? :)