Brave Inheritance

Twas at Tanjong Pagar in a musty pub where we were the kings and we were the minions that I realized there were actually unspoken unwritten ethos some of us live by. For me, it was one of those defining moments.

After a round of "Johnny Drama" drowning Chivas shots like he was going through reverse osmosis, the 21 game drew to a silent close [what none of you realized was that I never lost a single round on that game]. You know how it is, random shuffling of the deck but no one is inclined to play cos the next person who gets a shot is gonna hurl it across the room together with the evening's laksa.

I just dealt Sinjon a hand and myself another. Both cards were open. Just for fuck's sake. But the forfeit in this case was not a shot of liquor but rather a very diluted mixed solution. Fair and square.

His cards:

And mine:

Quite fucked up cards to get if you ask me especially if the aim is to play to 21 and not go bust. But however, it was a game where the forfeit didn't matter. I mean no one was really going to LOSE by swigging a mouthful of diluted alcohol+mixer.

So, I ask him: "Want another one?"
He goes: "No."
I say: "Come on..there's only 2 of us"
He still goes: "I'm fine"

So, I draw. And I get a "2". And I win it.

Why would you not take a chance when the stakes are so low? Why would you be cautious when you don't lose a thing? Is there a need to stick by a fail-safe system just because this is the way you operate? I don't answer for my buddy but just a thought that it all stemmed from there.

Only the brave will inherit the world.

The unspoken ethos.

I kinda like it though. Rolls of the tongue well.

Blessed are the meek,
for they shall inherit the earth.
Matthew 5:5

I am so not cut out to be a Christian or any other denomination of that faith.

Bon Soir.


suru said...

'inherit' being the operative word. Bravery may or may not get one the world, but I digress. Bravery speaks of 'earning' as opposed to 'inheriting' 'Inherit' on the other hand means what one gets is not by merit but by virtue of the inheritance, your efforts have nothing to with it.

Hope you are well.

ah_neh said...

finally, someone up for discussion.

welcome back suru. give me a tinkle sometime.

I beg to differ on your line of argument. Bravery is not "earning" but rather "living". Bravery can be used to guarantee the inheritance can it not?

E.g. The king has a rightful heir. But you are brave to assassinate the nose digger to guarantee that next in line will be you. Evil perhaps, but a brave decision none the less.


P.S. I am well. Ready as I'll ever be.