Pregnant Pause

I was lying there just musing, when she went "Wait here, I'll be right back."

Have you ever heard this line? It drives people nuts. You don't know what to expect. The mind races. Faster than a speeding bullet, punching through walls like Colossus [make that Sabretooth if you are inherently belligerent and rude], flaying common sense like the Sikh guy who canes bare asses in Changi.

What the hell was I waiting for? I could think of a million things. Of course, I could, it's what I do every day. A 1 and 7 zeros. Spinneroonie. Yet, apologies to Def Leppard but since I prefer to be "2 steps in front", it all got shortlisted to just a few probable outcomes.

1. I feel what we're doing is wrong. [I agree, that's whats so right about it]

2. I can't do this. I still love him. [hmmm, if I put him on my Christmas card list would it make this any better?]

3. Forgive me Father for I have sinned - cue: kneeling on the kitchen floor and hands clasped together. [Spare me the Adam/Eve lecture, though I personally thought Eve's Let Me Blow Your Mind was quite addictive. Really!]

I think I think too much.

Cos then she came back...

With hot water in her mouth.

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