Oblique Oblongs

Ah, the fresh smell of school. Granted, it was one day last week [Thursday] and the only reason I ventured the distance from heartland utopia [AMK] to Jurassic jungle [Tuas] was only because we had failed to replenish our supply of black ink. I tell you Epsons are real ink eaters. Do not rely on this brand for economical print jobs. Ok, the truth is, double sided printing laserjets are one helluva cool invention and worth every penny of the cab ride to the "outerlands".

My affable give-me-a-tenner-and-a-shot-of-vodka Mac Dees employee was not around. I suspect he has left for a more tenable job offer. It's just not right when you AND your twin brother slave over Mac Dees counters, trays and kitchens while only standing at 1.4 metres tall. More so when you're already 23 years of age. I think they should have upped and left and trained as trapeze artists or something at some travelling circus. Still, all the best to them, wherever they are. I just have this funny feeling I'll bump into them at Planet Paradigm soon enough, doing "Goyang goyang tak goyang" to Tokyo Drift.

On the homefront, everyone is having sleepless nights. By everyone, I mean me and the youngest. I think we shall try sleeping in each other's beds for a change. Still, I find his too soft. He finds mine too hard. I have a blasting industrial fan. He has a rickety, ceiling, sorry excuse of a fan. I don't think I'd wanna exchange places just yet. For the first time in eternity, my pillow case, bedsheet, bolster case and blanket are all colour coordinated. Not from the same "design set" but still coordinated in different shades of blue. Hey, my bed headrest too. That does it, I'm staying put.

My mum has delved into clairvoyance. After countless cunts professing the ability to read the future through palm readings, horoscopes and dabbling in the supernatural; she has now turned to some French madame named Sara Freder to read into her Present and Past. I hope she hasn't wasted my $39.95 USD just to find out she was a prata shop owner in her past life and the reason why she isn't a millionaire now already is because Karma is preventing it due to all the times she watered down her gravy and "accidentally" put "previously met the floor" pratas on others' plates.

I've been getting calls, smses and MSNers about the Valentine Day flowers. If you're not visually impaired you might have noticed the newest addition to the sidebar. Have a another look if you were cock eyed the last time you came around here. Apologies to those that were misled initially, there is a small delivery charge. But too small to sweat your letters to the Forum Page over.

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