Wireless @ SG

Free wireless through the country [selected areas], and they give you a free webcam for it? Auw.

Click HERE to see the Qmax and IDA tie-up that lands you a free Creative WebCam. Free gifts are all redeemed out for now and will re-start on 21st Feb, but still do go ahead and get your free account to surf free wireless internet.

Photo from Leion.

Random trivia: Unscrewing the lens and using tweezers to remove the red tinted plate of glass effectively turns your webcam into an infra red cam. Good to switch on for the whole night to see if there're any phantoms haunting your room.

No one can be accusatorial of their precious moochable Fat Green Pipe then.

As of Jan 2007, go HERE for already wireless@sg enabled sectors. Use their Google Earth files to view future planned area of coverage.

Unfortunately, my house in AMK is not within any of these planned sectors and NTU's own wireless is just shit. Again, if not for Mac Dees, we all are doomed.

If Michael Corleone had anything to say about this, it'd be "Just when I thought I was out [mooching], they pull me back in [to American capitalist outfits]."

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