Eppy New Year

How did you celebrate your New Year? Good? Fantastic? Dead drunk? Slobber knockered out on your couch with a movie marathon? Sucking on your thumb while lamenting your lack of friends down by the corner of your room? Wishing your phone would ring? Blaming the lack of messages and phone calls on the traditional New Year mobile network jam?

What? There's no one left at home? Even your 50+ year old Mum and Dad had a party to attend and got plastered before getting back at 6 in the morning? You entertained yourself with dialling the 24 hr Mac Dees line and seeing how many different operators you could identify by voice? When that didn't get your grape enough, you called up the other 24 hour helplines? Acted like a suicidal teen? Someone wanting to get past a heroin addiction?

Some people though had a much more fulfilled turn of the year. Identified by their 2 dollar plastic pails and wails. Condolences to our friends up North who inadvertently got caught in a flash flood that was obviously meant for their politicians in the capital and not for humble Johor Bahru with their fantastic food, and booze and pirated VCD/DVDs.

Now for back here in the "fatherland". Yes, being led by a patriach and his subsequent heirs makes us a masculine country. A group of revellers managed to turn New Year's into the farce of a social event that it originally was meant to be. They blazed through the quay, igniting random punch ups and of course ending up at a joint where they thought they could get laid but couldn't find a cab home to savour the spoils.

I open the New Year's thus with a buncha photographs depicting the scene of the crime, captions and all. You have your chance to participate too, for if we can get indicted for stealing free wireless from fucking losers who just aren't bothered to read their manual, we damn well can get screwed for screwing around with other people's photographs. Those plug and play losers. Put your hands up. I would LOVE to send you blokes to court for invading my airspace with that nice pack of ta pau-ed smelly tofu back from the alleys of Geylang.

Part 1: The Recce

Quay looks dead. Nay, this is but the start of the journey.

Part 2: Awaiting the Alamo

V Man looks to the skies for heavenly approval on his dastardly act. Like all evil geniuses bent on taking over the world, he feels his "justification" is of course the true-est. Seen thru his Gucci shades or otherwise.

Inspired by random onlooker: KNN, his nostrils damn big sia! If your sitting down and he happens to come stand so his head is over yours, will be just like ID4, when the alien spaceships covered the sky. It's comingggggggggg! It's cominggggggggggg!

Part 3: The End of the Road

Project Mayhem is complete. For this shot however, I open it to the floor on your diverse and biased interpretations. Let's run a caption contest.

Best caption wins a Toblerone or a bank transfer of how much the chocos cost. Go wild at it. Leave it in the comments section not at the tagboard or it will be declared null and void.


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