Sorry for my absence. Still, I'm not staying for long. A short anecdote on re-affirming my way of surviving in the office environment. I've always been a firm advocate that whatever else happens the one thing that will get you through the compliments and detriments of your working life is never your talent, not your attitude, not results not blatant cock sucking but the existence of FRIENDS. Sadly, people like the P-Man never got this, even with 30 years of slogging through the service. Antics of the P-Man HERE.

A small example on what it means to have a familiar face and voice on the other end of the phone. Firstly, the players in this tale. Me, a colleague whom I always smoke and shoot the breeze with, a superior [nice guy yet not so gullible to little stunts].

Me: Morning, who is this ah?
Friend: This is ****.
Me: Oh, eh brother, ah neh here la. I don't feel like coming in, KNN feel one kind, how ah?

Now the charade begins

Friend: Oh, you are very sick ah! [tone much louder than earlier, so that superior understands this is a "real" thing]
Me: Urmz, yeah man, damn sick.
Friend: What, high fever is it? [Maintaining loud tone]
Me: Yes, that sounds like a good reason.
Friend: What temperature Sir?
Me: What is a good temperature?
Friend: 37.8 degrees ah? Wah, better go doctor fast. Call us later to update us.
Me: Thanks man. You the best-est.

Simple? Now go out and be friends with everybody. Leave out the fellas who are dependent on muscle supplements [their brains one kind], the immature rich brats [their mouth one kind] and the ones who no one friends either [something must be very wrong with them].



Goody said...

was it jickson??

ah_neh said...

soon. J ord loh.. works at Flesh Imp PS now.

Goody said...

oh ya..forgot.
soon is a loyalist.

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