Ok, it's official. It wasn't the residue of alcohol or invalid psychomotor skills. I have got hacked. My MSN and Hotmail to be exact cos they share a password. Karma maybe, yet the last time I tried it, I went on the extreme and just deleted the entire online presence of the party not just hold on and think "now what can this 5 year old do with this toy".

1. Good job in changing the secret question. The new question is "Favourite teacher?". Knowing well beforehand I would have NONE. [and don't think I didn't try "none", "nobody", "no teacher" already]

2. Mofo must be Singaporean. The traits are all there. First the Hotmail and immediately the Friendster. Is it such a show of power? Taking control of one's Friendster account? What's the most you can do? Change my occupation to Gigolo? Non-existent nude photos? What? What?

3. Thank you though. It's been heck of a long time I did proper housekeeping on my MSN list. I was running out of categories to store everyone perfectly. Blame my OCD tendencies if you will. Now, we start from scratch. Just like the first time you lose your handphone and think to yourself the world is over, yet it works out good, cos only the worthwhile ones will hunt you down again.

4. To all, add me at ahneh69@gmail.com


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