World Aids Day

Well, World Aids Day has come and gone. Twas on 1st Dec for the ignorant. Anyhow, at least for this week the local media will be going all out with "Safe Sex" and "No Discrimination" articles at full blast. Of course, expect it to die down once Chrissy season hits.

Is it just me or do the local papers just play football like we used to using 2 dollar rubber balls running around the void deck? You know, no structure, no formation, no delegation, no strategy. Find a new flavour, chase it till it runs dry and foul and then wait for the next hot topic to hit the streets.

The cartoons in the Straits Times were very enlightening though. Especially the one about a woman who was infected by her husband and later was expecting her third child. I definitely didn't know that there is a 95-98% chance that a HIV infected woman will NOT give birth to a HIV infected child. That's pretty good odds. God is gracious.

There is another subterranean movement on the world sex charts. Global Orgasm Day.

Read more about this subtly kooky yet so logical intiative, HERE.

Exercise great prudence when reading the papers is my thought. They want you to fuck, yet they want you to fuck safe [condom mana ada shiok?]. They want more kids to be born, yet they are steadily raising the costs of raising one. The coppers are the reason behind our fine, secure society yet an illegal immigrant can get killed in a prison cell brawl. What gives?

But of course, when it feels like the world's in shambles and you don't know what to trust and you're quite out of focus; you can always take heart that the blokes running the world are still psychomotor-impaired idiots.


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