SB Annals: I

With luck and perserverance I hope to update this joint more often than I've had this past month or so. Over the next few days, I shall recount a few of the characters I met this time around. And Gurdeep and Ah Jie, you is not allowed to tell the blokes anything you read here! Read and be amused. Don't break the ancient law of Omerta.

You may recall the last time I had a school vacation, I presented the corporate style of a distinguished P-Man for all of youse. He did pop up briefly in recent times too. A situation that I didn't even have a hand in. An unforced error if you will.

L: You know that arsehole?

Me: Who? Just now the clown ah?

L: Yeah, you know I got so irritated? The way he speaks and puts things across and show that kinda fuck face totally reminds me of one person. I don't know if you know him. His name is P-Man.

Me: [spluttering] What??! P-Man? Know him? I know him inside out? Have you worked with him before? What was your experience like?

L: He's a Number One $@%*&%&(*&^(*()*^&%^$@^$##!@%^$#^ [now this was real nasty shit]

Me: Ah, well this is what I went through with him. [proceeded to summarize the entire P-Man annals into fifteen minutes, of course leaving out the minor ones and exaggerating the major incidents]

L: Damn, what is he up to these days?

Me: Sources tell me he is applying for early retirement. Took a course outside for coupla thousand, think he wants to set something up in the aviation industry.

L: Cannot survive la. So old, work style like that. Sure die one.

Me: Yeah, my deduction is he should just stay at home and clean the house or set up something but let his wife be his boss.

L: Yeah, maybe that can work out for him.

Me: Still, do we really give a fuck?

L: Nope.

Me: As I expected.


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