Spot On

Spotted in a girlie mag:

A woman did not return home one night. The next day, she tells her husband she slept over at her girlfriend's place. He calls up ten of her closest friends. None of them knows anything about it.

A man did not return home one night. The next day, he tells his wife he slept over at his buddy's place. She calls up ten of his closest pals.

7 of them confirm he slept over.
3 say he's still there.


Dear Uncle Agony,

I have 3 brothers. 1 works as a bank manager, the other died of heroin overdose and the last left home since he was 12 and was never found. My younger sister is currently in jail. My mother committed suicide after my dad was sent to a mental institution. Lately, I met this girl who had just been released from probation for drug abuse and abandoning her illegitimate newborn at an underground gambling den. I have fallen in love with her and really want to spend the rest of my life with her. My problem is this: Should I tell her about my bank manager brother?

Dilemma Dude

Dear Dilemma Dude,

No. Nuff said.

Yours truly,
Auntie Agony

Another two tees I'd love to have. But alas, maybe they fall into the forbidden "You dress like a 16 year old" column. Anyhow, for the believers, there's always TShirtHell.


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