Mango Idiot Makkeh

I found my new Mango Idiot Makkeh. Phrase courtesy of Yogi B. Observe:

Me: Hi, you e-mailed me regarding flowers?

He: Yes, I need one of 6 and one single bouquet. And I need it this Friday not on V Day.

Me: Aight. I can do that.

He: What colours do you have?

Me: I have red, pink and white.

He: Ok, so I'll get 3 red and 3 white for the 6 roses one. And the other one is red.

Me: [takes down name, address, etc.] So, that's like $37. Can you transfer to my account, *****.

He: Oh? Can I pay you in person? When you deliver I give you the cash?

Me: Nah, cos I'm not the one delivering. So, I need the money first to actually place a confirmed order.

He: But I can't do it online. [note: he irritates me repeatedly by saying "on9"]

Me: There's always the ATM isn't there?

He: Uh huh, I think I'll just go get it from the florist myself.

Me: [reasonably pissed off, wanting to catch him at some redundant point to fuck him up 1 x jia lat jia lat] Actually, ah, where did you hear of this service I provide? [knowing that in the blog post, bank transfers were the only method of payment listed]

He: Oh, *** told me.

Me: Sigh. Ok ciao.

What a FUCKIN MANGO IDIOT MAKKEH. This is the very first time in my bloody goddamn life that a supposed deal or someone requiring my services has fallen through out of / either:

a. Sheer laziness to traipse down to an ATM to effect a bank transfer

b. Blatant ignorance that people in this fine 1st World nation actually do throw little amounts of currency to each others' bank accounts once in a while.

c. Typical "You don't adhere to my meaningless request, I will go elsewhere" fucked up Singaporean consumer attitude.

Well, carry on son. I hope it was worth the effort. All that walking and choosing and collecting and sending.

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