Imagine you own a room of your own, but it is still slated to be public property anyway with anyone wishing to walk in and out whenever and whatever time they choose to?

Imagine at the times you are lost in slumber, your possessions are actually getting catalogued and rifled through and some conveniently pilfered for others' uses?

Imagine you own a single pair of white-not-white shoes and are quite happy with the murky colour and it gets "borrowed" without permission one day?

Imagine when that convenient "borrowing" results in you not being able to leave the house as no other shoes match that one pair of jeans that always clads your torso?

Imagine your shoes get returned and after another "borrowing" stint, they get washed and scrubbed till they are white bright, almost back to original colouring, thus spoiling the entire experience of actually wearing said pair of shoes?

Imagine that almost all your possessions can be altered, borrowed, stolen, sold or taken de facto control of at any time?

Imagine you own a shaver and suddenly you don't?

Imagine when you locate said shaver again and are now questioned as to it's ownership because it is the exact model that the army issues and the fuckin thief is serving national service?

Imagine you buy a new belt and are very pleased with it, though it still needs a few more holes pierced so you can wear it with your other jeans that don't fit your waist as snugly?

Imagine you put your jeans in the wash with the intention of wearing the other newly-sewn-up one and you can't find your old belt that would hold it up?

Imagine that just because you own one new item, the old item of the same category reverts to public property?

Imagine that this isn't just for non-personal items but can go deeper into even really private stuff like boxers?

Imagine on the days that you're out, your computer becomes the village prostitute?

Imagine this knowing that there ARE two other PCs in the household but one is tightly controlled by the mother and geographically impossible to sneak into while the other is just loaded with spyware, adware and games?

Imagine when you return and immediately know something is amiss? Settings are changed. Pages don't load up the way you are used to. Icons missing from your desktop.

Imagine what this does to a geek who is very obsessed with customization of his electronics to the point of death, a person who never uses a program without first hitting the preferences and making it sure it works the way it should, the way he wants it to work?

Imagine you have to buy perfumes and yet hide them in case some other bastard thinks it's his god given right to use them too and without remorse or regret?

Imagine when you are sleeping, the fuckin pilferer goes through every nook and cranny not stopping till the hiding place has been sought out?

Imagine you wake up regularly to the sounds of booming shouting, usually at the mother on the topic of food or at the other sibling on the topic of "anything in the world"?

Imagine living in a household of 5 but still confining yourself to your own room because moving into the other common areas will just result in you feeling hate to the core of your soul?

Imagine you really have nothing else you can do because of an open door concept in your household and cracking a family member's head open with a hockey stick is quite frowned upon?

Imagine putting up with such uncouth filth every single goddamn day?

Damn, I'm glad I'm leaving. I had a dream last night. I was lounging somewhere else watching some TV and my mum calls. She goes "How is it there? Are you happy?". I go "I'm so happy I don't have to be in the same house as that bastard".

And it really felt good saying that. I bet if I had been looking at myself sleeping, I would have had a smile on my face.


MystiKaL said...

*jumps on the bandwagon*

"Imagine on the days that you're out, your computer becomes the village prostitute?" --> would have sounded infinitly more eloquent in tamil :D

Aarthi said...

Imagine on the days when you come back home feeling like pure crap and all you need is the smell of that "rasam" or to listen to your mum complain about that silly cow of a younger brother. Imagine how it'd be if you never had any of this noise and these people. Its really sad that you think safety of material possession is more important than blood ties. One day when its gone, you'd be missing it and wishing he'd steal your shaver again.

Mint said...

Aarthi beat me to it :)

Not gonna wax lyrical about the wonders of family life, but having been there and done that, after 2 years of living away from home, you WILL get the occasional pang. Especially the morning noise- I used to bitch about it no end, but seriously, you'll miss it :)

But ask me again when I get home from a long day at work, crack open a beer and light a cigarette wearing only my knickers if I so choose in front of the telly. now THAT makes it a little more bearable :)

Guess you can count yourself lucky that the "home" feeling is only a bus-ride or so away and not a flight.


ah_neh said...

mystikal - teh thanni thevadiya?

aarthi - no one deserves to be a victim of theft.

mint - 1 point for and 1 point against. So, what is the conclusion?

Anonymous said...

Your entry is just so apt. Am looking into moving out asap too.

sads said...

my room also like that. whats strange is, im a girl and my brother is, evidently, a boy. :S

Goody said...

needs no imagination..been through it too. another one of those growing thingies that everyone must go through i guess.. (unless of course your dad's a gazillionaire and everyone gets their own floor)

good luck with your new place. you're definitely gonna miss at least some of that horrible stuff after a while..nostalgia..

Mint said...

haha, exactly my point- it's one for and one against. so i think you'll win some and lose some.

repeat after me: "crack open beer..... you know the rest"


i'm curious to know how it all goes, and i'm sure you'll keep us posted.

on an aside: i've been back a whole year and i've never even bumped into you on the streets yet, or girish for that matter. who says singapore is too small? morons.

ah_neh said...

damn! banu?

Mint said...

one and only :)