I is got new haircut

You know what makes it all the more significant that you've gone for a new haircut?

1. The girlfriend sponsors you for one.
2. It is at a high end salon where not in a million years would I have thought to cut my hair at.
3. She does all this after a day when she is extremely pissed off with me for fucking plans up.

I'm touched really. I know it was just a haircut but still, given the context, it's like laying the old one-two on me without physically doing it. Who the fuck actually treats you good after a night of getting treated badly? Nethia of course.

So, she dragged me to the middle of Tanjong Pagar, prime real estate. If you know rental rates you should know salon prices situated in the area. Of course, growing up on Sri Dewa, and after that franchise all but vanished from my neighbourhood, continuing at small time "Unisex Salon" joints, I was quite wary about all of this. It's ironic I know that flipping $200 for a bottle of hard liquor I do with no qualms but a more than 8 dollar haircut I'd flip about. So, typical me, I tried to find reasons not to get an expensive haircut and of course, my efforts were vetoed.

We arrived and like a seasoned salon-er she told the bloke she needed me to get a cut and colour. Colour? I got scared. Never really have I coloured my hair except get some red highlights back in J2. Even then, I didn't bring enough money to the place cos I underestimated the cost. The auntie let me go with my word that I'd return back to pay her the balance. I did come back, few years later [I really forgot!], but the shop had since moved on to greener pastures. I wish her all the best and my deepest regrets that I still owe her $14.

The country bumpkin that I am, I didn't know what the hell to say to the stylist. So I told him I really had no idea what cut I wanted or what colour to choose and I place full trust in what he thinks is good for me. He went "Never trust your stylist completely". I was like "I in your chair. You the boss la. Do what you like".

So, for that semi-touching speech, I got 3 free highlights. Auw. It ended up looking somewhere between a cross of Jap rock star and Bombay street beggar with dust nestled in hair. Still. it was very very nice! I aint gonna show you a photo because I'm not good at self portraits. How do I know it was really nice? When random Yindians stare at you like you've forsaken 3000 years of tradition and culture in the train. Dude, your pseudo Armani is so last decade!

I is love her. Thanks for the haircut bee bee. Muack!

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