Today you may entertain yourself by coming here and then scooting off to one of these numerous, "wah, like that also have ah?" sites. They can thank me later. You on the other hand thank me now.

1. Board of Secrets - Answer all your life's burning questions on one Flash Oujia Board

2. JobStreet Salary Report - Compare what you earn across the board, real life humans interviewed to provide their qualifications, experience and the pay they take home. After this, either quit your day job or stomp in and ask for a raise.

3. Nicostopper - Program this device to automatically dispense ciggies to you. Only for those who are damn itchy fingers and chain smoke during their idle times.

4. Free Music Videos - Not a piracy laced site. This is in fact a collection of videos released by the labels themselves for free viewing.

5. Analyze your Handwriting - Submit a sample of your handwriting and they'll analyze it for you. Free as of the last time I checked it out. Might post my own results here soon enough.

6. Make your own RingTone - Haven't got down to this proper, but it looks very promising. Let me know if you got a nice one done, care and share. If you are capable enough to create an authentic Savadi Bongo ringtone, you shall have credit for creating the inaugural KLKillah ringtone. And I will be proud to have your music so near my nuts when my phone is in my pocket.

7. Timbuk2 Make your own Bag - Create your own laptop, messenger bags to your specs. With whatever accessories you'd need.

8. Too Much Time to Spare - Access it's archives only if you have too much time. Link given was for the 10 most bizarre people on Earth and Wacko Jacko is not in the list.

9. Cool Trivia - The only 2 answers are Dis or Dat. Changes everyday.

10. Independent Delights - A site chronicling a few of the coolest independently held businesses in the USA. If you wanna buy stuff and they don't send it here, use vPOST.

11. To Tie a Tie - Self explanatory. All sorts of knots in easy to follow pix.

12. Top 40 Best Celeb Rumors - Stuff you can use to aksyen with. Especially to people who think spraying some J.Lo "Glow" is tantamount to being J.Lo

13. Useful Foreign Phrases - My favourites were "This gentleman/lady will pay for everything" and "Call the police!".

14. Home Furnishings that are SEXY - Forget IKEA. These are aphrodisiacs you can sit on.

15. Portable Bar - Perfect for ECP getaways. Little larger than a luggage case, bottles not included.

16. Smart or Stoopid - A variation of an IQ Test with only 8 secs to answer each question. Don't attempt to Alt+Tab this window.

17. Brown Pride - Anything and everything you need to know about Latino/Hispanic culture.


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Tuacolumba said...

Thanks for the links! They were fun, but you should check out this site for how to tie a tie the videos were clearer. Might be worth checking out.