3rd Jan

School's starting tomorrow. Yes, except for the A level and O level pricks who should have already got a job by now and shouldn't be living on their parents allowances. Tsk Tsk.

It's sad really, spending all ur parents cash till the age of what, 24 for the fellas and 22 for the women. Tuition fees for uni, allowance for school, some get their first car for their 21st birthday, downpayment of course from daddy dearest.

Then there are the less fortunate ones, slogging to help supplement the family income to make ends meet.

I am in neither category yet am money hungry. Read in the papers today of some SMU undergrad saying he wants to be a millionaire by 25 and a billionaire by 40. I can imagine, his own friends laughing at this earnest wannabe.

But what the hell, there are millionaires a dime a dozen in the USA. And most of them are under the age of 25! All it takes is just one idea cos the market is the world. You don't even need all 6 billion of the world's population to buy ur damn product. Just 1% is enough to make u a millionaire many times over aint it?

So, don't laugh at lofty ambitions. Instead make your own.In time for the new year at least.

BTW, If you want to be on my VIP Guest List for my yatch party in Cannes in time for the Film Fest where I'll be bonking yet another porn star. Do let me know. Oh yes, the year will be 2020.


Arul hard at work at yet another Scouts Report. Damn scouts! Haha. Oh well, and he wears that low class casio watch 24/7! One day gonna steal it from him in his sleep and destroy it.

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Alvin Huang said...

Thank you for your interest in my article a while back. =)

Actually I'm not so sure that my friends are laughing behind my backs. Those that know me know me capabilities. =)

All the best in your future endeavors