Morning Blues

Monday Blues.

Who doesn't get them, hell even our bosses hate Mondays. I never known a mudderfucker who walks in all sprightly and happy on a Monday unless his fav soccer team just pulled off the win of a century, or he got 'some' early in the morning. Lotsa chicks hate doing it early in the morning. Why is thaT?

I still don't get it. Yes, your teeth aint brushed and you prolly have some dead skin cells that oughta be scraped off when u bathe. But damn! Do you seriously think getting a blow even after washing up is going to be all Dettol-sterillized? Enough bout sexual grouses... Still do enlighten me. I know you won't. Cos you, yes you the clown reading this goddamn shit i spout day after day just aint gonna come and say it like this: "I do have sex, I like sex, I think I'm addicted to sex and this is the answer you're seeking Shanker."

Oh yes, that is the way you spell the name. With a fuckin 'E'. A capital one. Like this: ShankEr. Ok?

One more arsehole that saves my name in his phone as shankAr is going to get a nice ass whoopin.

Why am I awake? Cos I chose to wake only at noon. YEs, despite my heavy heavy schedule, school from 8 to 8 today. Woke up, a bit too early for comfort, went back to bed and let my soil/mom/chem and environmental tuts fly away with the dusky sun. It's about 5:50 in the evening, entertaining myself with Martin Lawrence's stand up routine. Yeah I do have a whole collection of stand ups, feel free to call me for a loan. CDs not cash.

Talking bout cash.

I needed some money urgently recently, and i just L.O.V.E.d the response I got from one of my friends, if u do still call ppl who don't help you that. Friend, such an overrated word. Yeah, this was my question: "Got some dough, return you mid Feb?". Her response: "I'm not a loanshark". I replied "Well, then give it without interest".And she went "...". Ah, the sweet scent of bitchiness.

Lo and behold, I get the same kinda call from my friend just 5 mins before i started penning this bullshit down. Hmm, I should have responded the same way. But no I shan't.

I lend money responsibly. People say, lend only when you know it aint coming back. Tell that to a pessimist, heck a pessimist wouldn't even entertain the idea after one too many screenings of Baasha. Oh well, if any of you lot have two thousand hiding in the bottom of your torn up Levi's do lemme know. In fact listen to this plan. Haha, sales pitch coming up.

Lend me 2, I'll give it back to u in 1 month. Lend me 6 on the other hand and I will give you back 8 in exactly 3 months time. Don't ask me where the money is going and what it's going to do. Just think of a major 33% profit in just 3 months. Hmmm, find me a fixed deposit that pays these rates man. Have a think about it, I'll even help you protect your arse by doing it all legally with a lawyer countersigning as a witness.

I'm rambling. Tired. Exhausted.

I think one of these days I'll just get up in the morning and ramble to my mum in fluent Japanese. Anime is addictive. Don't breach the floodgates if you can't handle it. Series of the week? Full Metal Alchemist. Try it. The forgotten art of alchemy awaits.


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