MRT irony

I wanted to do my whole elections underhand post, but the Xiaxue - Xialanxue fiasco is a real hoot and it hijacked my attention. When you have the time go to Xialanxue and sift through the entire story slowly and objectively. Then you'll realize that some prick who just swears and gains acclaim as Singapore's oldest and most popular blogger is just a little girl after all.

Machiavellian as it seems her scheme was, use your brains la. And also affecting the integrity of the moderators of Tomorrow.sg, that's a low one, even for someone "lovingly clothed by Local Brand". Alas, another brand name with nary a creative vein in branding AND designs.

But, for starters till the main bomb hits tmrw, see this:

So, of course you look for the seat right?

Where the fuck did it go? IF you are as colour blind as sum ppl who saw it on my phone are, the white part is the wall of the train, the grey part is that lining along the floor and of course the little orangy bit is the floor.

Too much right, haha. I know the old folk and pregnant are not really our favourite public transport commuters but still? Thank you SMRT. Obviously someone there has an eye out for humour.

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