As I was saying, my little brother is such a great Scout. Must admit, I hate uniform groups. totally. I don't see the point and they really con you saying that it will help you in NS. Fark la, even a fella who don't even know what's kiwi other than its a fruit will learn to love its smell, its touch, its texture by the first week of BMT. So cut the crap, secondary schools.

I myself was sacked from NCC in sec 3, but yeah I had to work so hard to get sacked cos once the first week had passed in sec 1 they considered it too much of a hassle to return all the uniforms and such so they expected you to remain for good. Not withstanding the fact that the NCC teacher in charge also happened to be the discipline master of the school. You do the math.
Back to my brother,

So, he's represented Singapore, this time all the way to Hong Kong. And on the way, made tons of friends, swigged liquor at every meal like the chinese do, and learnt the proper chinese etiquette on how to serve everyone but urself first when the dish first arrives and how to use chopsticks to wolf down your rice.


I cannot take it la, he just looks too good in uniform. Drat!

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