Coral Island

Front page news of the day: Coral Island property is going to be sold out.

Unfortunately, at this press time couldn't find any link to TODAY or CNA that link the story, at least it's free there not like fucktype Straits Times that believes everything should be paid for. Come on bozos, aint gonna cost you much to upgrade your damn servers right. Sheesh there's even FREE webhosting these days.

Back to Coral Island. Anyone remember the original Coral Island? If you don't know what I'm talking bout, it's an island off the "mainland" [undisclosed], called Coral Island, housing a huge casino(s) and lorded over by bitter rival gambling families.

See the comparison now?

Our giant Sentosa IR Project vs. "The Unbeatables"?

When I remember my childhood, I have to remember the hours in front of the t.v., back then Tamil movies were fuckin crap with the exception of Super Star's releases which were often just once a year in time for Deepavalli. We didnt have no Vikram, Surya, Madhavan trio to compete with. Was short n simple, Rajini or Kamal. And the movie of the week was always shown on Sundays at noon. Crazy ass timing I tell you.

So, I had to contend with SBC now TCS 8 or more affectionately known as "ti pa po tao" hope i got that right. And I was glued to all the chinese serials that run for just 13 episodes so you damn sure cant miss even one cos there will be NO replay. Quite unlike Metti Oli or Sorkam or don't know if you guys remember Shanti on then TV 12. Now, those sorry excuses for soap operas you can even miss a whole month and the story wouldn't have moved one bit. This one was so good, it spawned 2 sequels.

The Unbeatables, a lighthouse in the middle of the sea of serials I say. Till now, no other serial can beat it. For the sheer acting of Li Nanxing and Zoe Tay and their tortured love story that began, runs in and would end in the casinos. It did propel them both to be the respective King and Queen of Caldecott, alas Nanxing has since fallen from grace. Even resorted to sleeping at bus stops cos of marital issues. Zoe on the other hand has married an RSAF pilot, given birth to her first child and avid spokeswoman for both baby milk powder and slimming companies.

But he was the man! Yan Fei legendary gambler, only Chinese fella I think looked great in a tux next to Chow Yuen Fatt of original God of Gamblers fame. I wanted to be him!

Ah, those were the days. When TVs didnt even have remote controls yet, or at least not in my household. Only 10 channels available but we only could receive 5. TV1/2, SBC 5/8, TV 12. And to change the channel you gotta push the individual buttons on them, of course been the lazy mofo I am [yes, i started quite young], i managed to fashion a broken off bamboo pole into a prodding device so you could still maintain a safe distance and yet change the channels.

Now, I have 3 TVs at home. 1 expressly for cable, 1 expressly for the Playstation and lazy VCD nights, 1 expressly for my mum when she wants to catch the tamil movie on sat night with peace and quiet when my dad wants to catch up on EPL betting action.

Times have really changed, and in only bout 15 years. Singapore is on steroids I tell ya.


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