Blood and Water

It is a common misconception that the online persona you potray is you per se. Get real can? No one is the same on the phone, online, in person and with a gun pointed up his throat. If someone CAN maintain a unique persona through out, I'd like to meet this prodigal son.

Man seldom behave in a way that doesn't consist of a multi-facetal lifestyle. It's just not practical. Your mum wants you to LOOK at least like a goody two shoes. You can't speak to your folks the same way you do to your friends. You don't rant and rave on your blog the same way you rant and rave to some chick you're trying to tackle. Different faces, all the time.

Don't be innocent. Ignorant more like it. Do grow up? And Aruna..I know I talked bout killing the damn fella, but come on, you know I love him to bits right. Cos I'm Asian, and half Confucian. When in doubt, think: "What would Confucius/Jesus do?"

Carrying on, blood is ALWAYS thicker than water. Don't even start with that goddamn bullshit, my best friend would give his life for me. Ask him to? Please. I'd risk going to the gallows just to prove my point. Ask that dickhead to stand in front of 15 parangs for me and not shit in his pants or give u up and run. Any takers?

Thus, I may rant and rave and bitch and re-bitch bout anyone I want, be it family,friend or foe. At the end of the day though, for the immature kiddos that do read this but run this fantasy in your head that you are way ahead of your peers and years. Do take a minute to observe. FUCK U.

My blood comes first. My immediate family, my first cousins and their parents and dependants. And then the far off cousins who come under the great umbrella of the Kaunder caste. Not that I'm caste conscious, but yeah the far relations in this nation are all descendants from the same village in India.

So, think twice before you go blabbing. Big Mouth Syndrome is such a turn off. Not that it matters to you cos you'd probably find a way to justify that even though you are infected with severe myopia and frog-in-the-well syndrome. Don't push your luck, I'm serius. I hope this is warning enough.

Nuff said, my people (family) know how to handle themselves and they have a good mind to fuck you up the very next time they catch you round. So stop spreading tales, have the sheer guts to be direct bout things. You know that's what I'd do.
Lemme revise earlier proverb: "When in doubt, think: What would Shanker do?"

So stay away. From me, from your tattle tales. And from your insignificant existence. Don't cross me la, you'll burn. Don't believe me? Ask around.


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