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First, new year greetings. It's so overhyped, this holiday. Only serves to provide the wealthy to get even more wealthy and the happy to stay happy by forking out money to buy the goods of the wealthy. Did u get that? or do u think i'm rambling? Read it again.

The 31st was a damn good day. Need for Speed Most Wanted is completed. I am Blacklist 1 National Fugitive, Car Racer supremo of the streets. My very first game that I completed with the exception of the arcade days when one coin would suffice to complete street fighter or marvel vs capcom 3 times over. Alas, I had to do it with my brother's and cousin's help. So thanks mates, that's fuckin teamwork!

Now, I'm stuck in 2 minds as to what to do with the damn 60 dollar game. 60 bucks only buys 1 month of computer fun these days. Haiz, if only I had invested in WoW. For the uninitiated, that's World of Warcraft. Top notch RPG but too complex for even me to sit down and plow through.

Also, Post-Xmas sales are on the road. Now these are the true money savers, ask anyone. Clearing stock that couldn't be bought [i have no idea how this happens], even with the tons of ppl thronging the malls, is sold at rock bottom joints. Though, fashion items are not really the most discounted. Look for furniture, house appliances, PC stuff and general sundry. Ok what, stock up the new year like miserly Indians that we are.

There are no resolutions coming up, ever. I don't make resolutions. Why make something, you know you will end up breaking? Just live life man. No need restrictions. Well if one fine day you decide not to be a smoking alcoholic wife beater then so be it. Let revelation dawn on that day. The work/school year is too stressful to keep to any of the bullshit resolutions clowns have in January let alone the first quarter of the year. I did think of a few, even those that did appear in random thoughts, I've already broken 2 of them.

Typical. Ah neh's tired. I'll just hand over the reins to Ah Seng and Ah Kow tomorrow, see if they can do better.

Sombre. Solemn. Sian.

Adieu. `_^

P.S. I stayed home on the eve to catch Channel 5's movie marathon. So don't msn me with "so where did u party?". I had a huge ass slumber party with my 2 pillows and bolster.

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