1st Year

In all the drama over the past 2 weeks or so, it has conveniently evaded me that this blog is as of today, 1 yr and 11 days old. I am not gonna reminisce, just a point of information if you will. I tried my best to go read through the archives, but I got bored. I can imagine how I bore you cunts sometimes.

In other news, my brother is now an official dance group groupie. That he is a groupie of the all-female groups is definitely the lesser evil. I admit, it must have been such a foolish thought to hope and pray that this bloke at least would tread the straight path and not be exposed to the myriad of sub cultures our great race has to offer. Alas, I can only hope he has the brains to utilize my assistance when need be and not go at trouble alone if and when it does arrive.

In other other news, an interesting MSN convo of yesterday:

Brother: What are you giving me for my birthday? [it's on the 22nd btw]
Me: Nothing.
Brother: Oh, ok thanks.
Me: Welcome.
Brother: Haiz.

Yes, communication has resorted to this when in actuality a rock I flick from here can hit him square in the face with a tolerable error of +/- 0.02 mm. The bane of technology.

A recurring thought of the past few days: I'm allowed to embarass myself, but are YOU allowed to embarass me?

Have a think about that one.


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